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I got my Z580 as a replacement for Y550 which couldn't be repaired in repair service. While buying Y550, I also bought additional 1 GB DDR3 RAM. When receiving my new Z580, I also got additional 1 GB of RAM I bought then. I didn't install it though, because I was afraid to void the two years warranty I got with the new laptop.


However I read yesterday in my laptop's manual about Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) and I even found the instructions how to replace them. So if I open my Z580 and install this additional RAM, will I void the warranty?


Customer Replaceable Units are parts that can be replaced by customers, and which would not cause warranty to be voided.


However, you are advised to be careful when carrying out such work; if you are unsure about how to replace or add an additional RAM, as in the scenario above, it is recommended that you get someone who is experienced in doing so to carry out the work.


Also, please check and confirm that the part you are attempting to change or modify is a CRU so that your warranty will not be voided.  Components which are considered to be CRU can be found in your system's Hardware Maintenance Manual.

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Warranty won't be voided.


If you need to take off any stickers to access screws, you might be voiding your warranty. Otherwise, all should be fine.