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Fanfold Paper
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Windows 7 XP mode/Reboot Issues

When I reboot I have to unplug ALL USB devices attached to my laptop or I just get a blinking cursor in the top let hand side of the screen.  Is anything else having this issue?  In the BIOS the order is CD,Hard Drive.


Also if anyone is running Windows 7 and is familiar with XP mode I keep getting told that the virtualzation is not turned on and to turn it on in the BIOS.  I do not see that option anywhere.

Ths is a Y730 laptop



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Re: Windows 7 XP mode/Reboot Issues

Are you using a Sandisk Micro flashdrive?  one of the older 2gig or 1 gig models?  i was having that problem as well, but i've got a usb wireless mouse and hdd plugged in that don't give me any problems...just a thought.


As far as the BIOS goes, there is a workaround until Lenovo decides to post an update.  I posted it on rapidshare as the copy i got off of there had a 10x limit, as does this one.


MD5: 2A68749F2CE61FC58F3F1DC5654400B9


The person that put this together had a U330, but it worked on my Y730, not sure if there's a difference between the model with the gaming station or number pad, but i've got the number pad.

any ?'s i'll see if i can help... good luck

Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎04-23-2009
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Re: Windows 7 XP mode/Reboot Issues

I have a 7 port USB hub connected, Majic Jack (VOIP phone)  and a seagate external drive  connected into the USB ports.  In the Hub I have 2 more external drives a USB stick, and Printer.


Thanks for the workaround but looking at that option I will wait till Lenovo moves there a** and gets with an update.




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