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What's DOS?
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Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

I have purchased lenovo 3000 y410 model laptop. Currently windows vista is installed but i wanted to go for windows xp.
Can anyone tell me windows xp drivers are available for this model(Y410 )?
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

Friend, I am in the same boat, only mine is actually sinking.  I jumped the gun and installed xp when I saw their support page had drivers for both vista and xp.  Every driver worked perfectly for me except for the sound.  I've found dozens of drivers that were supposed to work but didn't.  Now I'm stuck with an incredibly fast computer with my preferred OS and no resolution in site.  If you're still searching for the xp drivers you can go to their website for assistance:
Good luck to you.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

Even i have the same problem with the sound..otherwise all the drivers worked perfectly fine downloaded from the lenovo site.. can someone help me if u have a solution for it
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

I think I may have figured out why the Realtek HD sound driver won't install properly.  The driver install package provided by Lenovo only applies to XP service packs 1 and 2, but if you've updated to service pack 3 - you're screwed.  SP3 is supposed to have these drivers already.  It appears there are a few ways to fix this problem:

  1. Reinstall an earlier version of XP - service packs 2 or lower.  Then install your sound card driver.
  2. Upgrade to vista and use those drivers.
  3. Hound the Lenovo admins for standalone drivers for the 3000 Y410.  Then install those drivers manually through Device Manager.
Let's hope the people at Lenovo are gracious enough to give us the necessary files to resolve this issue.

I'll keep watch on this post and report back any successes.  If you find a resolution, please post.  I'm dying to hear some music!
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

Well it sounds like you've thought this through fairly well yourself....
So, you suggest that you could solve by going back to SP2, install and then upgrading  to SP3 after you build your image, but that's extra work.  If Lenovo had newer XP audio drivers laying around that will install on top of service pack 3...
Is that about the size of the situation?   Any thoughts as to why the current level drivers won't install under SP3?
We can look at this, but the present, official stance is that Vista is what is supported.  Yes, there are some XP drivers for the Y410, but those are provided on a best effort goodwill basis.
I'm explaining this in advance so that you'll understand that this may not be a top priority for any of the product teams.   It's not that I don't appreciate what your doing, or the obvious interest in running XP expressed by others in this thread and elsewhere in the 3000 board, and the IdeaPad board for the Y510 and Y710.
Thanks for the headstart on the situation. Smiley Wink
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

Yeah, the extra work is definitely something I want to avoid at this point.  In the last two days I’ve scoured the net for a driver and some installation help over a total period of ~13 hours of vacation time.  Bummer. I’m either obsessed or have no idea what to do with so much free time.

I can definitely understand the requirements on Lenovo’s engineering department.  I’m sure they’d much rather be working on newer projects, not tinkering with the compatibility of an aging OS.  As for why the current level drivers won’t install under SP3…well…

I don’t know much about where files such as drivers, cabs, etc. are located or where they are placed during the installation process, but I’m guessing the installation location of said files was changed between SP2 and SP3.  That would be a simple, yet detrimental change.

Other than that, I’m sapped. 

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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

Ok, some updates and a little success:

I had a hunch that if I was given the actual .inf file I might be able to install the driver manually.  I happened upon that very file while searching the net. is the download location for the install packet I was searching for.   I was able to unzip the install packet to a folder via Winrar.  I downloaded winrar  at 

Procedure steps:

1.       After installing winrar right-click on the install packet and choose “export to…”

a.       This should unzip the packet to a newly-created folder in the directory you’re working in.

2.       Open the device manager by either:

a.       Selecting: Start>Run,  and typing    devmgmt.msc ”    OR

b.      Start, right-click on My Computer, select “properties”, select the “hardware” tab, then click on the “device manager” button

3.       Locate the PCI device with the exclamation/question mark next to it
4.       Right-click, select “update driver”
5.       Select “install from a specific location”
6.       Select “search for the best driver…”, then place a checkmark in the “include this location in…” box
7.       Direct the device manager to file you just created via Winrar
8.       Choose one of the three folders.  I’m not sure which one I chose at this point as I was fully prepared for rejection once again.
9.       It took my computer a little less than 1 minute to find the right driver.
10.   This should successfully install the driver.

Now for the next dilemma.  After the sound card was successfully installed another item popped up, in need of a driver.  It is described as a "modem device on the HD audio bus"

Here’s the device instance ID for this new item:


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

Yes sure.  find all drivers from this site
and i want a help from you...friend
I am keyas and i am using Lenovo Y410 notebook, i feel some problem with my notebook's LCD Display.
Because my laptop's LCD display generating fair amount of heat at the bottom of the display.
"right on LENOVO LOGO" i bought my laptop two months ago. i never seen this problem before.
 so  anybody help me to solve this problem? Or let me know  is it problem? or is it usual? Please give ur expert advises to me or as soon as possible..
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model

An update on my sound card driver issue:

After I successfully installed the realtek sound card driver, I noticed my music and video files still didn't play any sound.  My only driving force was the sound I could hear through the Realtek sound setup program.  Here's what I did next to finally, and successfully close this matter once and for all.

I reinstalled the Realtek HD driver and software bundle available via softpedia:

Then I opened the device manager and noticed there was another exclamation mark issue.  I've since solved the problem, so the exact name of the item evades me at the moment.  It was something like "windows wdm mm...".  Anyway, this was a simple fix.  At this point I uninstalled the device, restarted my computer, and presto!  I'm sitting pretty with my Lenovo 3000 Y410 laptop, running the much more stable Windows XP.  I hope this helps someone out there.  Let me know if this worked for you, or just give me a tag.


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What's DOS?
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Re: Windows Xp drivers for lenovo 3000 y410 model


I have just changed the windows system of Y410 froam Vista to XP(SP2). Running the drivers softwares given for Vista I have activated the audio drivers properly and now it's working. But the vga drive is not working properly. when I enter into a game like 'Sudden Strike', i can hear the sound but I can't see the game as it just displays a black screen. It's occuring in casses of every games.

So just please tell me from where or which site I can get the vga driver for free.

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