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Lenovo Staff
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I just did a clean install of Windows 8 Pro on my Y480. It shows the wireless card is enabled but not connected.


When Ii tried to diagnose the problem using the network troubleshooter, it suggested me to enable the wireless radio with the switch or function key. I tried Fn + F5 key but nothing happens, but nothing happens.


I'm able to connect through the Ethernet cable and also verified my WiFi is working with another laptop.


To address the above issue, do the following:

Load the wireless drivers during the set-up of your system. Select the drive in which you need to install Windows.

Perform a full clean install of Windows 8.

Look for the option near the bottom of your screen that says Load Driver. Click on it and select the wireless drivers located in the Lenovo drive.

You should be able to get your wireless connection now.

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