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Workaround for the non working OKR after reparition bug of my Lenovo Ideapad Z710


I searched for a way to doublebooting, or tripplebooting my Z710 with working OKR for preinstalled win8. For no special reason I want to be able to recover my preinstalled OS whenever I want...


What have I done:

- changed in the bios-setup the boot options to Legancy-Support

- boot again in the boot options

- I booted KNOPPIX 7.2 (it's a linux live-cd)

- made win-partition smaller with geparted (for me 300GB)

- I didn't changed the beginning of the partition

- then I wrote down the numbers of sektors (in my case 628224000)

- after this repartion, I opened a filebrowser

- opened the parition PBR_DRV

- made a copy of all files to a external harddrive ;-)

- opened the file OKRBackup/Factory/Info.ini with a editor (Leafpad)


inside -->


Total=62822400 <-- I changed this (original: 1869715456) 


- saved my changes

- opened a terminal

- changed to the right folder /media/sda7/OKRBackup/Factory

- typed: md5sum info.ini

- cut out the magic-number

- opened the file OKRBackup/Factory/md5.sum on that PBR_DRV partition


inside -->



fa9eb193da44217eddc001548dd447ea Boot.okr
5638ab7a6c35f31b7558d18e7085d703 Info.ini <-- I changed this, with paste (original: 7147356f6f8d3773d0a8edd2cb03ea02 Info.ini)
1ef44ec7c2961fa11479c37a18886f84 install.wim
c73c64f6d6a7cc13c828af7ec273e474 LrsEsp.okr
12ae2163eaee4da8bb8c09eb46bca2e3 MBR.okr
02de64d4efe019c218e1be620f32717c Winre.okr


- saved my changes

- I changed also the file OKRBackup/Factory/ReCreatePartitions.txt


inside -->


gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
set id="bfbfafe7-a34f-448a-9a5b-6213eb736c22"
create partition msr size=128
create partition primary size=306750 <-- I changed this (original: create partition primary size=912384)
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows8_OS"


(I didn't tested this, but I think this works in the case of loosing partition-data. So it should be recreated at a size near 300GB.)



- saved my changes

- after that I made a reboot

- I started OKR and made a recovery to factory defaults

- it worked, now 600GB freespace, I was happy ;-)


I can't say, this will work on all Z710, but on my personal one this is working. I backed up everything to be able to go back to original. I own a 2TB external HD, so I'm able to make a dd-Image of the whole drive, if I want to. Have a nice day

LENOVO IDEAPAD Z710 59403383,i7-4700MQ,8 GB DDR3-RAM,1.920 x 1.080 Pixel,NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M,Hybrid (1 TB S-ATA + 8GB SSD)

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