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Blue Screen Again
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XP Y530 - no sound with HDMI

I have the same problem like someone with U330. When I connect my tv to laptop by hdmi I hear sound only from built-in speakers.

I installed all xp drivers form lenovo. 

In Realtek's sound management list of output devices is only Realtek HD output. In Control Panel>Sound is NVIDIA HDMI Audio but volume is set to minimum and it is inactive.

I found nvidia hdmi audio driver but it is a part of nforce drivers and I can't install it on my computer. 

Paper Tape
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Re: XP Y530 - no sound with HDMI



       You need to go into control panel then click on sound.  Sometimes the HDMI device is not present so you have to right click in that playback windows and click show disabled devices.  Then you can enable the HDMI.  You might have to make it the default audio device.  Mine was only showing up when I had a cable plugged into it.


Hope that helps.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: XP Y530 - no sound with HDMI

Thanks for reply

but probably you write about solving this problem in Vista.

As I wrote in control panel > sound in section audio or voice I have combo list where HDMI is present but when I chose it in 'advanced' volume bars are set to minimum and they are inactive even if I chose hdmi as default device.

I suppose that this is fault of lenovo xp drivers because for example in vista media buttons and dolby control center works completely otherwise and maybe this drivers are wanting.

Former Administrator
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Re: XP Y530 - no sound with HDMI



We found that running the preload with Vista, one needs to do the following:


1) Open control panel

2) Open the Realtek HD audio manager

3) Note the 3 big grey tabs accross the top, speakers, Digitial out, microphone.

4) Click the digital out, and then from the drop down, choose you digitial quality output format

5) Select set default device button and then press OK


We also found that any videos (watching a DVD) would need to be restarted after making the audio changes.  For example if the digital were selected, and you were watching a DVD movie and you paused and unhooked from your TV and wanted to continue watching on the PC and wanted the PC speaker sound, you'd have to click the speaker tab, set as default, select OK, and then restart the video. 


If you just unpaused the video,  you won't get the sound on the speakers.


I realize this advice may or may not solve your problem (not knowing what all you have installed under XP), but hope it may help others who are still running the preload.


Best regards,



Fanfold Paper
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Re: XP Y530 - no sound with HDMI



I have same problem with Window 7.


I have a Ideapad Y530 and I installed  Window 7  recently. When i try to connect my laptop with TV thro' HDMI cable, I get clear video but not get audio. Also I can't get HDMIaudio device in control panel--> sound section.


Pl. help me to resolve this problem.


Thanks in advance.

What's DOS?
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Re: XP Y530 - no sound with HDMI

Solution found- For my issue anyway Smiley Happy

I didn't even have an audio option for HDMI Device when reviewing my playback devices.


My Y530 has the intel 4 series express chipset family (Display adapters)

I rolled my driver version back to version (August 14,2008)


Once I did that and rebooted, the option for HDMI Audio was available again.

Hope this helps others Smiley Happy

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