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Paper Tape
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Y 450 Random Static/Crackling Noise

Hi all,


I got my Y450 last July. For the most part I've been very satisfied with my laptop's funcitonality. The only issue that is really strange and keeps annoying me is the random static (crackling) noise that occasionally starts to come out of the speaker (think of a radio noise when you are not on the right frequency). 


I have not established any particular pattern when it happens. There does not seem to be a particular connection to a specific software, or an event. Sometimes, a g-chat message in the background generates this, sometimes just opening a Windows Explorer window. Sometimes, it starts without any drastic changes to the system (for example, you've been sitting and doing one document editing for two hours, and then all over sudden your speakers start to crackle). 


When it does happen even when the speakers are on mute the sound is audible. When I unmute the speakers, the sound gets really loud.


I have tried to reinstall audio drivers with no positive result. The only thing I have figured is how to stop the sound when it occurs. The simplest way is to close the lid and let the system go into hybernate mode. Opening a different software program, or a window sometimes does the trick. So does calling up the Task Manager. However, all of these tricks are not "fixes", and the issue is still very annoying.


Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how have you dealt with the issue?




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Re: Y 450 Random Static/Crackling Noise

on the headphones, hearing the same sound?

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