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Y 560 Left Hinge Issue

2011-02-06, 13:29 PM



I have purchased a Lenovo Y560 laptop on 03-10-2010 and  I got this left hinge issue. I was about to close the laptop when I suddenly heard a click sound and after a thorough inspection I found that the left hinge is broken without any reason. I went through a lot of discussions over the internet and I found out that this has been a common problem in this product.

Some of the links:




  The next day(24-1-2011) I called up the Customer Care India  and I was given a case id and the representative  asked me to go to the Service Centre at Velachery , Chennai ,India. I visited the service centre the next day with the given case id and to my dismay , THE CASE ID WAS IN THE STATUS:CANCELLED. Things I noted in the service centre :


1)They were too lethargic about giving a proper response as how can the case id be cancelled without even the user's consent.

2) When I tried reaching the customer care again , they  gave a new case id for the same issue and the case id : 4270154295 and ONLY then they looked into the issue.

3) After some diagnosis, the technician said  that the product is still under warranty and it needs a part replacement. to my memory , he was saying it needs a stick cover,bottom case  and a screw container and that these parts are to be ordered.

4) He asked me to go to the other Lenovo service centre in the city in Nungambakkam and that they cannot help .

 4)After a detalied call again with CC  regarding the above point , they told the case id is allotted to Velachery i again told the same to the technician about this.  Finally he told me that the parts will arrive in 2 days max and also told me its not required to deposit the laptop and so i agreed. BUT I WAS NOT GIVEN A NY LOG SHEET OR ANY SUCH THING. On being asked, they told they ll give a calonce the parts arrive and i can come and replace it.


 Til date  i have never been called by any of those technicians. For the whole week i have been trying to reach them and they either  hang up or simply tell me that the parts have not arrived.After waiting for around 10  days , i raised the issue again with the Customer care and i spoke with one Mr.Sanjit and i asked for an escalation. My call was transferred to one  Mr.Karthick who keenly listened to my woes and assured help. He even arranged for a conference call with the service station and then on that day , 4-2-2011 , during the conference call , the technician told that the parts they have ordered has not been approved from WSP side and that they needed snapshots to approve the same. IS it that Lenovo does not believe their own technicians??!!! . Immediately Karthick got some one named "Mangal" (I dont remember the name exactly) and i was told that this person was incharge of approvals and he  has approved the parts to be dispatched from the ware house as Karthick was convinced that it was enovo's  mistake to have make me wait so long. He himself said the very words during the call.. Karthick also assured me that i will get my issue closed within  Monday (7-2-2011). He promised me that he will let know of the status  by saturday (5-2-2011). But to my dismay again , i never got any calls from Lenovo. i called them that afternoon around 5 pm and i got the surprise of my life . Karthick told  that these parts which has been approved to be dispatched is not available in INDIA and has to come from China.. and the highlight was that

1) Only these parts are not available in India.

2) Karthick told that  this problem of HINGE issue has never happened in Y560 which surely is unbelievable. I can see this has happened in many y560 and even the lenovo forums have disucssions about it.

3) He has asked me to wait for another 3 days from now till (9-2-2011) wednesday to know the status of the parts. I just cannot understand how long shoul id wait for this?

Status as of now :

- My case id is still in process.

-How come a country like India  does not have spare parts of such  things anywhere across the nation  when they are selling their brand across all states.

-Why did it take Lenovo so many calls from my side (a customer) to act and stilll provide an unclear picture.

- Did not the authorities who approved the parts know the availablity of the same.

- Is it really true that ONLY these parts are unavailable.. I really cant believe this.

-I have been waiting for neary 10 days now without a cear picture of when will my issue be fixed.

- I m so upset with the way the customer care and technicians have handled the issue.

-Can the machine be replaced if the parts are not available in the country as quoted by Lenovo authorities?

Can some one take this case and follow this up and hep the issue to be closed and my parts replaced as fast as possible.?

Details that can be helpful:

my machine serial number: XXXXXXX

Warranty status as per Lenovo site : under warranty

Case id for the Hinges issue : 4270154295

My mobile number is available with the case id. Can i look for some faster solutions ateast through this forum???


Moderator Note: Serial number removed to prevent misuse.



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Re: Y 560 Left Hinge Issue

2011-03-06, 22:08 PM

I just wanted to report that I'm having issues with my left hinge as well. It's very similar though not identical in nature. Anyway' I had noticed that my left hinge was looser than the right hinge a long time ago, very soon after the purchase. and after I got my machine back from the service center after they replaced my motherboard. I never though much of it, but I decided to investigate this morning. As I was opening and closing the laptop, I noticed that the back of the computer next to where the battery is bulges out a bit when i open the computer, and bends in when I close it. It only happens on the left side. Then, I turn my computer upside down to see if there are any loose screws, and I see a weird piece of plastic in the screw hole where the bulge occurs, and I pull it out. I turns out it's a section of twisty tie, the kind that you use to close your sandwich bread bags. After I pulled that out, the screw straight up just fell out of the hole. There was nothing holding that screw in place except for that little section of twisty tie! Anyway, even with the screw out, the bulge hasn't gotten any worse, and the screen hasn't gotten any looser, which tells me that nothing has been attached to the other end of the screw for a long time now. I'm going to call the service center to see if they can replace the body of the machine, or possibly send me a replacement. I'll update you with any news.


Update: So I got in contact with Lenovo and am getting ready to ship my machine off tomorrow. I told the person on the line about the issue and despite what I said, he seemed to believe that I was the cause of the issue. I would have given him a piece of my mind, but he didn't say anything direct to me, and I can see why he would be suspicious. Anyway, he said that should they replace the actual casing of the machine at the repair center, I will have to pay for it ($187 he says) even if it wasn't my fault. Let me repeat again that IT CAME BACK TO ME IN THIS CONDITION. The only things about the casing that has changed since I got it back from the repair center the first time is smudges, fingerprints and dust. Also, the twisty tie holding in the screw I mentioned... It was black. All the ones I have in my house are green, so I know it didn't come from me. So yeah, the support center guy survived unscathed, but if the repair depot calls me and demands money from me for something THEY broke, they are DEFINITELY getting a piece of my mind, and the BBB will be hearing about this. Again, I will update with any news.


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Re: Y 560 Left Hinge Issue

2011-03-16, 23:10 PM

I've sent mine to a warehouse that fixes computer products here in South Africa, it is covered by the warranty that the shop I bought the Y560 gave me. 


ETA is Friday, hopefully they will take care of it and not scratch it. Once the hinge problem is fixed, it won't happen again am I correct? It's a nice laptop, but this is the last time I buy Lenovo


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Re: Y 560 Left Hinge Issue

2011-07-20, 23:22 PM

Same issue................my laptop went in for repairs as it came with the display problem when purchased. On return, the hinge was already loose but not bad enough to send out again. Nearly a year later and the screen wont stay up. Sent it in undamaged and being told that I need to pay 187 dollars to get it fixed. ASked for my laptop back and have not heard anything back in 13 days. Repeated calls without any information. 


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Re: Y 560 Left Hinge Issue

2011-12-04, 17:48 PM

I had the same problem when I suddenly discovered one day that my Y560 was crashing on me again and again. I was GID(Genuine Intel Dealer) and computer hardware vendor for 4 years and had a long standing business relationship with the local dealer and have helped him sell several Lenovo systems.


On inspection the left hinge was found broken on the base of the laptop. The laptop was in warrenty and so the base was changed. Free of charge within one month of the complaint.


However there was some startup issue with the system so the main board was also replaced about a month back.


I am very thankful to Lenovo as I have as a vendor myself, have had many warranty and replacement issues with most suppliers/manufactures.


The problem is that my laptop base does not have any sticker mentioning the model, serial and windows 7 key  number as the service centre failed to replace the stickers.


Hope Lenovo can supply me a duplicate set of stickers.

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