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Fanfold Paper
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Y series with 7200RPM HDD

Alright, I've had it.


People are recieving their Y series laptops with 5400RPM HDDS, but what about us folk with the 7200 ones?


I'm getting the same idiotic replies from your incompetent India off-shore-cheap-labour "representatives". I even tested one by asking him if the "Vietnam floods" affected the production and they said "Yes".


So there, can we have a word about this? I really can't believe that a multinational like Lenovo says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this and that we, the customers are REQUIRED TO DO OUR OWN RESEARCH as to WHY YOU'RE NOT SHIPPING.


This is truly infuriating, I need this to work and right now it's just ridiculous, waiting over 6 weeks for a stupid laptop while I could just go to Bestbuy and get it there within 20 minutes.

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