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Paper Tape
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Y40: 2 finger scrolling spontaneously stops

I have seen one or two similar posts, but none quite like the problem I am experiencing, and none with a solution that works for me. 

Periodically, randomly, the 2 finger scrolling function on my y40 stops working. This used to occur maybe once a week, but recently it's been happening every day, sometimes more than once a day. I cannot determine any cause. Usually I am in google chrome when scrolling stops, but the scrolling stops functioning in all windows-- EXCEPT task manager, for some reason. If I open task manager, I can scroll within that window only, even while scrolling refuses to work in all other windows. 

Wen scrolling stops, I can still use 2 finger zoom, right-click-- I can do all of the other things I would do, just no scrolling (the one thing I use the most......)

My synaptics driver is updated. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. Checking and unchecking the 2 finger scroll functionality in synaptics properties does not help. What else can I possibly do to troubleshoot this problem? Right now, the only way I can re-enable 2 finger scrolling is to reboot my system, which is very, very annoying. 

Any suggestions would be welcome!


System information:

model 20347
OS Windows 8.1


Admin added user machine info:

Bios Version/Date: 99CN23WW(V1.06), 5/26/2014

Touchpad version:

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Y40: 2 finger scrolling spontaneously stops


Could you try to observe how to be able to replicate the issue again?

Such as
- Did it happen right out of box before adding all other programs?
- What were running/opening when it happened?
- What were installed in the system?

It's very important for iron out the root causes and possible solutions.


T410, x240

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Paper Tape
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Re: Y40: 2 finger scrolling spontaneously stops

I cannot replicate the problem at will, however it just now happened again. I was in Chrome, switching between tabs (facebook and Netflix, if it matters) and suddenly scrolling just stopped working. As I mentioned before, 2 finger zooming still works-- it's just the scrolling function that disappears (though it is still selected under synaptic settings)

I don't remember it happening right out of the box, but I didn't exactly use the computer without installing programs like chrome right away. It has, however, been happening for months. It has only now gotten more frequent (in the past few weeks).

Right now I have word, Adobe reader, chrome, and evernote open. However, I have  been using only Chrome for the past couple of hours.

I have noticed one thing that it just occurred to me might be linked. More than once I've oberved that when the scrolling functionality stops, the little Action Center icon in the system tray says that "maintenance is in progress." I cannot say whether or not this has always been the case, but the failed scrolling and maintenance have definitely coincided at least 3 times that I am aware, all of them recently.

I have no idea what this "automatic maintenance" is. Is it something crucial or can I turn it off to see if the scrolling problem resolves?

For now I will wait for the maintenance to finish and see if scrolling ability resumes or if I still have to restart the computer, which is what I usually do.


EDIT: Maintenance is still in progress, but scrolling just spontaneously started working again (45 minutes after it stopped). I don't know what's going on....

Paper Tape
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Re: Y40: 2 finger scrolling spontaneously stops

2 finger scrolling just stopped again. No "maintenance" being performed this time. But there is another difference. Before, the touch pad didn't seem to recognize there were two fingers on the pad-- if I moved two fingers up and down, it just moved the cursor as if I was only using one finger. But now, the cursor doesn't move. It's like the pad can tell there are two fingers touching it, but doesn't know how to scroll. 


However, unlike when scrolling is working, the little synaptics icon only shows a green dot, not the blue one it usually shows when multi-finger gestures are being used. 

Again, I was just in the process of switching tabs on Chrome when scrolling spontaneously stopped. 

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