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Fanfold Paper
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Y40-80 Advanced BIOS Options

It accedently opend that day i dont know why ,I did not press any key......

However, I have disabled the Hyperthreading from thair because reasons.......

And now i want to turn it back on, any way to access it again? just one time......

Thank you Lenovo for this verrrrry limited BIOS, Im sorry, please help me.....


Fanfold Paper
Posts: 15
Registered: ‎08-21-2015
Location: United states
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Re: Y40-80 Advanced BIOS Options

I solved itSmiley Tongue

And gess what it was so simpleSmiley Very Happy


you would not beliive at all.......after very long search for a custom bios or a secret code or a key to press.....or even how to modify the bios image and going on those amazing forums........

REALLY!!!! 79 views and no body could tell me to SIMPLY RESET THE BIOS settings (F9).....what?!!!


OK OK, I didn't belive it for a while,but sinse it's the only choice or tearing down the laptop(BIOS Battery).......

any way it's an awful laptop with an awful BIOS so limited.......I mean the 300$ dell has a verrrrrry advanced BIOS options

than this stupid 800$ laptop......with it's crappy AMD -DDR3 memory (check out dell's one--same priceSmiley Frustrated)


OK enough, by the way it resets only the BOOT page all the other pages are still as thy was!!! yes thats trueSmiley LOL

it just reset the IVISIBLE ADVANCED OPTIONS .......LOL .........#NOVO-MAGIC

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y40-80 Advanced BIOS Options


Can you help me i have a lenovo b50-80 and i want adavanced bios.

What can i do?

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