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What's DOS?
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Y400 Recovery help

Hi all,

My Y400 recovery button is not working anymore. By right during bootup i can get to a menu that allows me to restore my laptop to factory something like reformat by pressing the "novo" button on my laptop. now it does not work anymore.

I think i somehow messed up the hidden partition used for restoring my windows while trying partitions softwares.

So does anyone know anyway i get can access my laptop's hidden recovery partition to copy all the contents inside and maybe burn to a bootable disc so i'm able to restore my laptop back to factory settings(reformat) again? Or make the fix the novo button?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Y400 Recovery help

Maybe you changed partitions sizes? If so you must get back to original partitioning scheme - try to remember it.

Can't tell on restoring default configuration - in Russia it's not free (because it is not a warranty case) and can be made only in service centres.

I know for sure that no burning disks is suggested in NOVO recovery system.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Y400 Recovery help

hmm... so what can i do to use my windows xp back in future if i want to reformat or something?


I don't think i can get back the partition type and size... i didn't take note or remember that time. 

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