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Y410p : Fn+F5 does not show Wireless at all


My Y410p WiFi does not seem to function properly. Upon pressing the Fn + F5 function keys, the only thing that is displaying is the Bluetooth when it is supposed to show both bluetooth and wireless device status.


I've checked the device manager and it does not show the wireless card available.


Does this have to do with the Energy management software and what can I do to rectify this?


Please follow the steps below in regard to this matter.


1) Go to BIOS by pressing F2 upon powering the machine.

2) Go to  "Configuration" Tab and check if "Wireless Lan Support" is enabled. If it is not, please enable it. (See illustration below)




3)  Once enabled, press F10 to save setting and restart machine to load Windows desktop.


4) Press the FN+F5 and check if wireless displays. If wireless starts displaying, it means detected. 

5) If it does not work entirely, go to the "Device Manager" and check if the wireless card is also showing there. If under "Network adapter" shows  "Other Devices" with "Network Controller", you will require to install the wireless drivers because it's not installed previously.


6) Please download the correct wireless drivers from the list below.


WLAN Driver (Liteon/Atheros, CyberTan/Broadcom) for Windows 8 (64-bit)

Intel WLAN Driver for Windows 8 (64-bit)


Note: Drivers for other Windows can be found in our support.lenovo.com and key in your product model , i.e. Y410p.

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