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I've looked all over and can neither find the Process Priority column nor change a processes's priority in Windows 8 whereas it was a piece of cake in 7.


How do I do this?


To change the priority of processes in Windows 8 systems, follow the steps below:


  1. Open the application for which you want to change the processor priority level.
  2. Type “task manager” and click on Task Manager on the Start screen.
  3. Click on More details if the window is not in expanded form.
  4. Navigate to processes tab, right click on the application and click on Go to details.
  5. In the Details tab, right click on the already highlighted name of the application for the process from step 4, click/tap on Set priority, and click/tap on the priority level you want to run this application or process in.
  6. Click/tap on Change Priority to apply.
  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 above for any other applications or processes you wish to change the priority level of.
  8. Close the Task Manager window.


Note: You will not be able to set the processor priority level of Windows 8 Store apps. Changes made are also not permanent as the system will revert to default priority after the system is shut down, or when the application is closed.

Source: Editing Process Priorities


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