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Windows 8.1 is now available.  With the latest Nvidia drivers for 8.1 x64, SLI is not an option.  There are various suggestions to roll back to earlier (or earliest) Nvidia drivers for a solution.  It is true, that with these drivers, SLI is now an option - and it is possible to set it to Enabled. However, it doesn't work.


I have 8.0 and 8.1 in dual boot, for easy comparison.  SLI in 8.0 - clearly working... great performance.

SLI in 8.1 - not SLI performance, and in GPU-Z, it is clearly shown that one GPU is not under any load (also, not getting hot... further evidence).


At the moment, I have to use the 8.0 install only for gaming.  Can someone please tell me -

1. Is 8.1 currently supported for the Y510p

2. If so, when can we expect drivers for SLI

3. Has anyone found a good workaround?


After updating to Windows 8.1 and related Nvidia graphic card drivers, customers may experience the following symptoms

-          Second graphic card is not detected or SLI is disabled

-          Nvidia panel indicates only one graphic card instead of two

-          Can install the graphic card driver but SLI is not working

-          SLI is enabled with legacy drivers but performance drops


You need to update vBIOS (video BIOS) which Lenovo just released it on 29 Oct 2013.


IdeaPad Y410p, Y510p:

NVIDIA GeForce GT750M Second VGA BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - IdeaPad Y410p, Y510p

NVIDIA GeForce GT755M Second VGA BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - IdeaPad Y410p, Y510p


Attention: Do not power off or restart your computer during the VBIOS flashing process, which will cause serious damage and improper functioning of your computer.

For Y400 and Y500 vBIOS, please check out this knowledge based article for more info.

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please I have y510p and i installed y500 bios & didn't work  now please help me how can i recover ( clean this vBios )  pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 IYasserr, I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for you because it's swapping the wrong vBIOS (video BIOS) I suggest you send for repair.


When I run the .bat file like the instructions say, a window opens, runs a couple lines and promptly closes.  It doesn't seem to do anything...  Please help!  I have a Y510p with the GT750


nevermind!  I solved my own problem.  Thanks


Does this mean the Y410P will/does have an SLI option?


So I got off from talking with Lenovo Rep. I also wanna get the y410p with sli. He/She seemed kinda slow... but oh well.

You have been connected to ^Sirish Tallapragada.
Thank you for contacting Lenovo Sales Chat. My name is Sirish. My rep id is 2900713381. Happy to help you today.
Hi I am interested in purchasing the y410p either with nvidia 750m or 755m sli. Do you have any idea when they are releasing the ultrabay graphics modules for these? They already have the ultrabay 650m for the y400s so I'm guessing you guys will continue the trend.
Yes, We have that machine.
Yes, but they only have one graphics card in it. Is there an ultrabay module for the y410p's?
on the site, its called sli, like the y510p's do
The Y410p is available with the GT750m and the GT755m
Yes I know, but there is an ultrabay slot in the Y410p.
Which can be used to put in another gt750m/gt755m graphics card. This can be done on Y510p via putting this in: (I gave the link for the ultrabay 750m for y510p/y500)
will this option be available for the Y410p is my question
Will lenovo release the card I mentioned above that fits the y410p? The current one only fits the y510p
The link that you gave is for Y510p
I know.
Will you release a similar model that fits the y410p?
Yes, We will do that.
That might be available next month
Ok, great, I am looking forward it as a Christmas present. Thanks, that's all my concerns for today

I've heard other forums saying that they keep on saying in on month but I don't trust lenovo anymo....


Is this fix now preinstalled for the Y510P  laptop model#  59405667  that has Windows 8.1 and the dual SLI GT755M?




i have the same problem- the second NVIDIA card shows an error


i have tried the steps listed in the download. there is no protectoff.bat in the download file. running the gives and error messge: PCI error subsystems mismatch


please help. how can i activate the 2d graphics card


I carried out all the steps mentioned in the read me file, but still wasn't able to update.

When I run the NVFlash.bat file I receive error as - Invalid Display adapter index specified (when I have disabled NVIDIA 755M driver)

And receive error - NVIDIA display adapter not found (when the driver is enabled)

Please help me out in this.

Thank you.


P.S: My present driver- GeForce 332.21 Driver


I'm using the lenovo ideapad y510p(8gb ram,i7 4th gen,1tb hdd,2gb nvidia gt 755 graphics,win 8).But i'm unable to enable the nvidia to enable it??
please help.

I've got a y510p with the internal 750m (not in the ultrabay). And after the "upgrade" to Win8.1 only the integrated Intel adapter seems to be utilized.
Lots of BSOD when graphics intensive apps are running. I've installed the VGA drivers as advised with no problems. But when I try to update the video BIOS file, I get "ERROR: No NVIDIA display adapters found".
I've tried using command prompt as administrator. I've tried different switches on the bat command. same error. I just tried disabling the Intel adapter and rebooting, which should force the Nvidia to be used,right? But the same error comes up when I run the video BIOS update. .the Intel is disabled, the 750M is listed and appears to be functional...but the command line error still comes up.
Based on what I've read here and at Nvidia's forums, I am not alone. Anyone have any suggestions? This is not a gaming machine. It is my graduate studies computer - Geographic Information Systems - lots and lots of points, lines and polygons with lots and lots of associated data. And BSODs are really bad.

villahermosa, Tabasco; México 26 de junio del 2014


buen día, estoy interesado en su modelo de equipo de la Y510P, por las caracteristicas del modelo, que segun:


procesador i7 intel,

8 GB memoria expandible a 16, 

tarjeta de video dedicada de 2 Gb 

disco duro de 1Tera

y su famosa ultrabay


soy diseñador de graficos y quiero entrar en programas 3D me sirve este equipo para esto? y sobre el calentamiento ya que el sureste es muy caliente y humedo.


por que veo algunos problemas con este equipo, y sobre todo que aqui en mi estado no hay centro de servicios o distribuidores lo mas cerca del sureste mexicano es merida, yucatan.


ya tengo encargado el equipo,  me llega segun mañana viernes, pero no sabia de este foro y ya me pusieron a pensar por todos los problemas que segun tiene este equipo.


i have installed the WHQL driver 340.52 and still had problems with the second gfx card but heres a solution on what you must do after installing the latest driver with SLI support for win 8.1 :-)


see here


I have this issue with my laptop (on top od a loose AC power cord) I open the .bat file it opens up and then closes straight away not fixing anything whatsoever, what do i do to fix this


Hi Cleo, can you help me?

I have a Y410P but i never realized that my GT750M is having problem code 43 in device manager after upgrading to win 8.1

So i try the solution that you posting but it didnt work out for me.

First it said Invalid display adapter index specified when i run nvflash.bat.

And then i try nvflash --list and my nvidia index is 0 so i change the syntax to nvflash -i 0 9D3D.rom and hit enter and nothing came out.


Then i try nvflash -c and came out

Identifyng EEPROM...

EEPROM ID (20,00FF) : Unknown

ERROR : Supported EEPROM not found


So how to update my VBios?

I have try to uninstall or disable my GT750M first before running nvflash.bat but still nothing work.



Thank you !


Currently using y510p and the second GPU GT750M was not working after updating to 8.1. Followed the link above and the second GPU working normally now. SLi actually working!Smiley Very Happy