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Y410p maximum CPU speed and cooling

I recently bought the y410p and noticed when I ran Passmark CPU stress test the CPU frequency never went above 3.19Ghz, I thought the 4700mq was capable of 3.4Ghz.

Has anyone noticed this ?


Also, after going through the test for about 2minutes, the temperature reached 90deg and the CPU was throttled to 2.4Ghz for the rest of the test.

Any solution for this problem?

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Re: Y410p maximum CPU speed and cooling

The 4700MQ varies the CPU multiplier based on how many cores are in the active state.  By default, these are the maximum multipliers available.


34 - 1 core active

33 - 2 cores active

32 - 3 or 4 cores active


The base clock speed is 99.77 MHz so when this CPU has all 4 cores active duriing a benchmark, it will run at about


32 x 99.77 MHz = 3192.64 MHz ~ 3,19 GHz


The 4700 MQ also has a built in overclocking feature.  This lets you raise the maximum multiplier by +2 bins.


I have a Y510P but it sounds like your Y410P has the same problem where the multiplier gets locked to 24.  This drops the CPU down to the default speed of 2.4 GHz.  My Y510P never recovers after this is triggered.  The only fix I know of for this is ThrottleStop.  You have to put a check mark in the Set Multiplier box and set that to the maximum value.  If you would like to use the latest version of ThrottleStop with the new overclocking and under volting features then send me a PM message.

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