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Fanfold Paper
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Y450 Fan Vents

While playing some intensive games recently, I notice my Y450 getting a touch warm, so I decided to have a look at the airflow characteristics to see if they could be improved at all.


Examining the underside of the Y450 I notice that many of the vent slots underneath are not actually vents at all -- they just have the appearance of being vents, but are in fact impenetrable plastic moulded to have the same 'look' as a real vent.


One of these pseudo-vents appears to be almost directly under the main fan -- clearly constricting its air-flow -- and I am wondering why it is blocked?


Cooling would almost certainly be aided by taking an exacto knife and making the pseudo-vents into real vents, but I wonder if there is some unexplained "method to the madness" which I don't understand yet?


I specifically wonder if this has been done deliberately because my model is one with a GT 130M graphics adapter, and the air is being routed past that before it then goes past the main processor?   Is that why?


Can someone from Lenovo find out why those vents are not all completely "open"?





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Re: Y450 Fan Vents

These vents are not all opened for better circulation of airflow that will blow clearly from one location to another inside of laptop.

If you "free" all of these vents you will probably make cooling of CPU better but all other components inside the chamber will be heating more which is bad because not all chips are able o work at high temperatures.

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