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I have set the audio output device to Realtek Digital Output, but I still dont get anything via HDMI connection.


What setting needs to change?




I had the 5650 disabled, and the first couple times I plugged it in it didnt do anything, but i just plugged it in again and the window to change graphics processors came up, when I  switched them, in audio playback devices ATI HDMI now appears, which solved the problem.


So you need the ATI 5650 enabled to do audio over HDMI.


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i had the reverse problem originally i plugged in my hdmi cable from my tv and everything was fine but now the sounds only plays from my comp? i am using the ATI 5650 but still nothing any other ideas on what to do?



I have a similar problem in terms of voice, but the difference is that I used to have sound and after I took it to be checked at Lenovo labs I have no sound over HDMI.


I have ideapad Y700