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Punch Card
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Y460 with RapidDrive not repaired after more than 2 months

On April 12th, I called Lenovo's support centre to arrange for my Y460 (under 3-yr on-site warranty) to be repaired because chkdsk reported bad sectors on my HDD.  The person on the phone requested for me to send the chkdsk log, which I sent via email to lenserv on the same day after the phone call.


After the service provider's first attempt to replace the HDD and return the laptop to me, I discovered that chkdsk was not working properly:

  1. for C drive: CHKDSK can be scheduled to run when computer restarts, but WILL NOT RUN when computer actually restarts.
  2. for D drive: running CHKDSK (in a cmd window as administrator) marks all free space as bad clusters/sectors and encounters "error in writing the output log."

Upon my insistence, the service provider made another 2 attempts to replace the HDD, but the problems with chkdsk were not fixed.


With RapidDrive technology, the SSD and HDD are merged such that the SSD and the 'C' drive on the HDD appear as one single drive.  Lenovo's technical team claims that because of this merging, chkdsk will not work properly.  They insisted that they found no hardware problems with my laptop using the diagnostic tools they have, but there's no way for them to fix the chkdsk problems.  However, my experience is that chkdsk worked properly on my laptop before the original HDD was replaced and the chkdsk log I sent to lenserv is evidence that chkdsk was able to run upon computer restart to check C drive.


On May 10th, after the 2nd attempt to repair failed, I requested that they replace my laptop if they cannot repair it properly.

On May 21st, after the 3rd attempt failed, I suggested that they give me a refund (as provided under the terms of warranty available on Lenovo's website) if they still can't fix my laptop or replace it.

On June 3rd, Lenovo Care replied that they could not support replacement or refund because any failure of machine hardware was highly unlikely and that bad sectors found by chkdsk were probably caused by improper usage or virus.  I replied on the same day that the explanation was unacceptable and that my case should be escalated to her manager.

On June 4th, a manager at Lenovo Care proposed that my laptop be sent in to be checked by Level 2 Technical Specialist of the IBM Team (responsible for servicing Think series products).

On June 6th, a dispatch was sent to pick up my laptop.

On June 20th, the specialist from the IBM team submitted his final report (content unknown to me) to Lenovo Care.

Today, June 28th, Lenovo Care wrote, "I regret to inform that I can’t advice the outcome of this case as the management is still on discussion for this case with the technical team."  Below is the reply I sent:


It is indeed regrettable that Lenovo, an established company and a leading PC vendor, cannot handle a simple claim for warranty repairs in an efficient and satisfactory manner.  Is management aware of how long this case has been dragging on?  I first called your support centre on 12th April which means it has already dragged on for two and a half months and counting.  How can this kind of response time be considered acceptable by any stretch of the imagination?
What more is there to discuss with the technical team and to what ends?  When did the technical team start its involvement with my case?  My guess would be back in late April.  Since the technical team's involvement, its attitude can best be described as uncooperative, unhelpful and irresponsible!  Instead of finding out how to properly repair my machine, it persisted in saying, "chkdsk will not work properly because of RapidDrive technology."  My experience is that chkdsk worked properly on my machine before the original HDD was replaced and the chkdsk log I sent to lenserv is evidence that chkdsk was able to run upon computer restart to check C drive.  How could Lenovo have produced a line of computers that would cause a standard Windows tool to fail and claimed that it was delivering enhanced experience to consumers?  Would Microsoft have certified machines with RapidDrive technology as "Windows 7 compatible" if they caused standard Windows tools to function erroneously?
Please ask the management personnel responsible to personally respond to the following:
  1. What is the standard turnaround or response time that Lenovo sets for repairs?
  2. What is the definition of "unable to repair"?
  3. Shouldn't a duration of more than two months and more than three failed attempts to repair my machine render it as "unable to repair"?
  4. What are the details of the discussion with the technical team?
  5. What do you expect to get out of the discussion?
  6. Please demonstrate good management and leadership skills by setting a reasonable deadline for the final resolution and deliver it.


Could Cleo_Lenovo or Mark_Lenovo help to expedite the resolution of my case?  Any chance of me getting any compensation for deprivation of use of my laptop, inconvenience and distress over this long-drawn ordeal?

Punch Card
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Re: Y460 with RapidDrive not repaired after more than 2 months

Just received a reply from Lenovo Care today, July 1st, "As per the feedback by my management, they are finalizing the discussion on your case and we should be able to provide a feedback to you latest by end of this week."


I hope they will give me a satisfactory resolution.

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Y460 with RapidDrive not repaired after more than 2 months

Hi wunai,


I got your PM. Could you provide me more info so i could inform Lenovo Care team? I can't guarantee it would be expedited but the team may take extra steps to be the least. Send me a private message instead, please. No private info to be posted in public.


  • Full Name
  • Machine Serial Number
  • Machine model
  • Phone Contact Number
  • Case number with repair centre and Lenovo Care team




New update: The Lenovo Care team has contacted you. The case will be handled by the team from now on.




T410, x240

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What's DOS?
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Re: Y460 with RapidDrive not repaired after more than 2 months

I have a Ideapad y480.


Spec is

i - 7


8GB Memory


I had a same problem.


My story is below

I had no problem with the computer but tried to run disk error check.

First, I marked both

-Automatically fix file system errors

-Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors

After run, Volume of C drive was full.

Only 1 or 2 GB space left.

I run one more time but this time I marked only

-Automatically fix file system errors

Then all space came back to normal.


My problem happened to D drive

I run disk error check same step as C drive.

Everytime I run the message display which is

"Error in writing output log"

and windows never start up.


I cancelled disk error check and run windows.

Then checked volume of D drive.

There is no space on D drive.


I tried OneKey Recovery to Recovery everything but it didn't work.

I can't format, recovery.


Evern Memory error check doen't work properly.


Is anybody knows how to fix the problem?




What's DOS?
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Re: Y460 with RapidDrive not repaired after more than 2 months

I have a very similar situation, except I believe I had a bad sector on one of the drives as randomly the computer will not start up and going into DOS reports that SSD+HDD combination has 0 space left and no file system. 

I physically took  out the disk and ran chkdsk on another computer, and it cleaned a bunch of bad sectors. However the SSD is physically screwed into the laptop and seems to use special connnectors, hence I could not clean it too.

Still couldn't reinstall windows so, I paid for the recovery disk and phone repair from lenovo. They "cleaned" the disks by shift+f10 and using diskpart in the command prompt, then installed windows on the SSD and installed rapid drive from windows.

However, just now the same issue happened again. I plan on retracing my steps but before I install rapid drive, I am going to run chkdsk on the SSD and HDD when they are separate.

I just gotta say, Lenovo makes some really cheap **bleep**. Did you know that if you knock your headphones a bit, you can actually rip out the headphone jack from the motherboard? Try bending the laptop slightly, you can see there is visible torsion. 

Anyways, I am going to give you an update on my progress. If it works, just assume what I did worked when I reinstalled rapid drive.

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