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Y470 Batterylife : i5-2410m 2.3 ghz vs i7-1670qm 2.2

i currenty own a y470 with i5-2410m 2.3ghz processor and wil be upgrading to a core i7-2670qm...... im able to get around 5+hours with 62watt 11.1 V battery in the i5 model in integerated graphics mode with about 2.5hrs of youtube playback  in energy star mode....i am sure that the i7 will use more battery being a 45watt model compared to the 35watt i5...but to what extent??????


 i notice that my i5 operates mostly at 782mhz or under 1.5ghz most of the time for browsing ,some streaming  and light applications due to down clocking and i believe the i7 would also do the same more or less....except the i7 has quadl cores rite?? so does that affect drain as much?? or would the inactive cores just shutdown wen not necessary and function like a dual core model.....or am i mistaken??? i love the 5+hours battery life of my current set up but then im looking to upgrade to a better model with the i just wanted to know what the difference would sure at full throttle the i7 would suck up more power hands down...but in that case( gaming ofcourse) the AC power would be plugged in so doesnt matter.....and i believe heat and noise comes into play only in this gaming just concerned about light to med usage in battery mode..... please fill in your experiences, opinions and comments.....

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