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What's DOS?
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Y470 Laptop internet problem

So recently I reformatted my Laptop and maybe after a month last, my internet keeps disconnecting from the internet. I am sure it is not my modem's fault because i have other computers and my phone connected to the same conneciton and none of it disconnects. 

So i realized maybe around every 30 seconds, or so sometimes even more frequent but sometimes less, it would disconnect and then takes up to 30seconds to connect back. It is starting to frustrate me. 

if anyone can help me that would be great. 

My laptop is 8GB Ram, 650GB harddrive, Radeon Graphics, Intel I7 core.

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Re: Y470 Laptop internet problem

Hi lllestfoigs, welcome to the Forum.  Smiley Very Happy


Many disconnect problems have to do with other devices using the same channel that your laptop is trying to use. You need to know what channels are being used, and change your laptop to use some unoccupied frequency. I bet your other devices, especially the phone, is causing the interference.


Download InSSIDer 3 from this site, to view your total wireless environment.


There is also a pay version of InSSIDer 4 available, but the free one will do the trick for you.  Once you know what channel the other devices are using, change your laptop's wireless to use some other channel.Smiley Happy






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What's DOS?
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Re: Y470 Laptop internet problem

Hey thanks for the solution, I actually didn't try it because a windows update appeared so I just updated and then the problem went away. It may have been my phone that was intercepting the connection but that would be suprirsing cause it never happenned before. If it happens again, I am going to try your solution. 


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