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Y480 Keyboard and Touchpad not working even to get into boot screen.

Hello everyone,


My Y480, which has been a wonderful little machine, booted up yesterday and I wasn't able to type anything on the keyboard or use the touchpad. I entered my login password via the on screen keyboard using an external mouse and checked device manager.


Device manager shows a working HID Keyboard Device and a non-working Standard PS/2 Keyboard which Windows cannot verify driver signatures for. Under Mice it shows a working HID compliant Mouse (which may just be the external I'm using to control it and a non-working Lenovo Pointing Device with the same non-verifiable drivers issue in the Device Status section.


Updating these drivers does nothing.


Heres the kicker, and why I believe this may be a hardware failure (maybe a connector or something, i don't know?)...

I can no longer boot to the Bios because the keyboard isn't even recognized upon startup, so I can't hit f12.


Is this a hardware issue? Do the touchpad and keyboard on the Y480 use the same connector? I've never dropped this laptop, am always very careful with it, I just took it out of my bag as I usually do, booted it up, and ran into this problem.


The backlight is on, but cannot be turned off because the function key doen't work, however, when I was randomly smashing keys on the keyboard I noticed the backlight woulf flicker slightly when tapping heavily on the arrow keys, all the more strange because the arrow key cluster.


The mute and airplane mode buttons above, but presumably detached from the keyboard do not work, but the power button does.


The machine is running windows 10, this did not happen after an update or anything, it just came out of left field.


My hope is this is a connector that popped out and, if I can access it, I can just pop it into place.


It's a spectacular little laptop that I can easily squeeze five more years out of if I can get it working again...


Any ideas?

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