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Y480 driver issue problem - Error 51 message with graphically intensive games


I have a problem with my Lenovo Y480 when I run graphically intensive games (like Battlefield, Bad Company 2).


Though the exact manifestation of the problem varies, in my case, an error message appears when trying to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 on Steam, and the message is "Application failed to start: Error 51."


Error 51 typically occurs when a program is interfering with Steam, but that's not the case. I booted into Diagnostic Mode, where no non-Microsoft programs or services (including firewalls and anti-virus programs) are running, and I still received the Error 51 message.


I tried to install the NVIDIA drivers but received the following error: "NVIDIA GL1(QS/PS): Can not find setup file!"


I have even used Lenovo's OneKey Recovery software to restore my computer to factory settings, and I still received the error with Steam.


Download the drivers on the Lenovo support site. When you click the .exe file it will give an error. 


> Go to the hard drive and click either NVIDIA or Drivers.

>There will be two folders - one with a "Gl1" at the end and the other with a "Ge". Click on the Ge folder.

>Scroll down the page and double click on  the setup icon. This will install NVIDIA  295.55 drivers. The current stock drivers are 290.56 ( as at Jun 15, 2012). Once this is installed Steam games all work.

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