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Paper Tape
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Y50-70 Hinge failure

This is the second lenovo laptop I've had with the same hinge failure in 2.5 years. This second laptop is the replacement sent to me by the company so I've treated it much more delicately than a laptop of its build should require.  Regardless, it only lasted a little over a year before the metal chassis connecting the hinge to the monitor broke away.  The laptop cannot even be closed making it pretty useless to me as a student.  Now my warranty has expired and I doubt I'll be able to get any assistance, not that it matters because I can't even find a link to speak to a Lenovo rep on this website. A similar case I found on the forum carried the reference Service TIP SF15-I0004/ HT102761 if that is any assistance.  Now I'm not sure if I should even bother sending it in because I'm sure it'll take weeks in the middle of my semester and I'll be saddled with huge repair costs for what is clearly a material failure experienced by many others.  I could always glue it back to the chassis myself but that risks failing again. Anyone have a similar situation occur?  I love everything else about the computer but I doubt I'll ever get another lenovo or recommend them to anyone if they break in half every year or so.

Token Ring
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

welcome to the community 
I have lenovo y50 as well ,been two years now , and yes I do agree build quality on y50 is subpar with other models or other companies ,but me and you both know we chose this model because it is cheap gaming laptop, (799$) on discount , I still like what I got .
so since your warranty is out you have to take it for local repair ,or extend warranty $$$$
here is one user reply on ifixed 
qoutes "

UPDATE: After 5 months of my laptop sitting at my desk without the hinge moving at all, I was able to repair it myself. The fix requires removing the bottom bezel and the LCD (remembering to remove screws at the bottom, and being careful not to tug the wires) to access the point at which the lid of the laptop is mounted onto the left hinge. You should find that the plate which the hinge is fastened to has broken from the laptop lid. This is a result of a manufacturing error in which the left hinge was tightened too much, and could not withstand the excessive strain from an over-tightened hinge.

To fix this, you first need to loosen the hinge between 1/4 turn and 1/2 turn, with a 7mm socket. You should also detach the mounting plate from the hinge by unscrewing the mounting screws before you reattach the plate to the laptop lid. To reattach the plate back to the laptop lid, I used a two part epoxy. Now you should be able to screw the hinge back onto the plate, and then place your LCD back in place.6FMy66YBNSPLPnTQ.jpgkJyYdDxwVPCFDgNS.jpg

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

A few things:


I did not buy this laptop, Lenovo provided it to me as a replacement for a laptop with the same fault.  That is the stem of my disappointment.  I did not choose it in any way and a quick look online when I accepted it from them as a replacement showed that it was not a "cheap" $800 laptop but an almost $1500 one (my variation is Type 80DT if that is where the variation occurs).  Regardless, laptops are built to be portable and should be able to withstand being gently opened a couple times a day.  Especially if they were provided to replace one that couldn't, by admittance of the manufacturer.  Thank you for the fix advice but the brittle plastic surrounding the screws actually came out in a ring around the screw making it impossible to even use screws again.  If I am to fix it myself it will have to be with a strong adhesive.

Punch Card
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

My hinge screws  started falling out of the bottom base of my Y 50 70 tpurchased at the Microsoft store ouch  after 2 months of light use. Fortunately they fell out where I could see them. They are tiny and use a plastic (nylon) locking coating, and easy to loose so If yours are in place I suggest putting tape over them on the back cover.  I put a tingy touch of releasable blue locktight and put the screws back in carefully. I am an electrical engineer.

The bottom front lid access panel popped off. and won't stay on.  One left hinge screw stripped and the lid flexes.  It is easy to see the left hinge bend and flex from being too tight with the cover off.    A simple fix is to use a 7mm nut driver

to loosen the hinge nut a fraction of a turn and put a how to notice on the Lenovo support subscription update emails.  With the access panel off no dissassembly even required.  If Lenovo acknowled the manufacturing flaw this could have been remedied at any Lenovo outlet,, in a few seconds to prevent thinge  problems.    The style/type mount of the hinge out on a thin 3mm cantelever shaft only supported on one end of the canteliver acts as a shock absorber but is subject  to bending, spring forces of the thin metal hinge and shaft may increase force on the mounting screws, in my  opinion.  Hige axle supported on two ends with different shockreleif  might work better. My Microsoft store associates said it was a Lenovo manufacturer warranty item.  To have more time, while contacting lenovo for their QA control and maybe some warrantee releif of some sort,  I purchased the extended in home warrantee from Lenovo before the original expired.   I  have contacted the Lenovo  service people, the service people are very understanding, the case has been escalated.  The case manager has not been able to make contact to either of my cells despite daily calls for a week and a call yesterday yesterday to the option 4 on the helpline service person.  Again, very understanding, msg sent to the escalated case manager, but no call back  today, text or email message from the manager.      The touch screen pointer touch had also become  erratic I suspect due to the lid flex. I wonder if anyone else has noted that as a side effect.  


The screen image quality on these machines is beautiful.


Laptop hinges are a weak point.  Hopefully  the Yoga watchbands  type hinges will be better. 



What's DOS?
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

Hello! i am having the exact same issue. i am going to attach a picture if you could possibly look at it. 

what did you do to fix yours?lap.jpg

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

Have the same problem but with a Lenovo Idepad 310. Only 1 year old and the hinge just went craaaack the other day.  Now I can neither close nor open the lid more than 90 degrees.  Took it to the repair shop but said probably wont be covered by the warranty if fixed. well if I need to throw this laptop away I wont be buying Lenovo again if they 're gonna break every year Smiley Mad

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

I am also facing the same issue.

I noticed the plastic around and under the left screw was starting to crack about 3 months ago when I was cleaning it. Now it has cracked all the way. The laptop usually sits on a ventilation pad all the time.

The warranty expired last year and at the time there were no signs of damage in that area.

I have contacted the Lenovo Support today and have given them the same service tip you referred. I also read some threads regarding this issue and it seems like this is a common thing with this model, and is caused by the amount of pressure that the hinges make on the plastic when opening the laptop.

If they don't take it for repair I'll try to sort it out through the store where I bought it. Overall I'm a little bit disappointed with Lenovo, as I first had a SSHD which was very slow (unacceptable for a 1400€ laptop) and had to replace it for a SSD by my own (my brother has the Y700 and had the same issue, after complaining both to Lenovo and the store he ended up buying a SSD by himself), and now I'm facing this issue. I was going to leave it in a store to have its thermal pastes replaced, but I'm afraid the plastic will break into pieces while disassembling the back cover.

If I get any reply I'll post it here.

 Lenovo_Foto.jpgBroken plastic

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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

I have my Lenovo Y50-70 from Nov 2014 and finally cracked. The right hinge became very tight even if I loose them myself 2 years ago and this caused, many cracks, for all the plastic cassing around the methal nuts on the main plastic chassis (this was completely broken), on the screen frame around the hinge and on the back cover plastic part, close to the hinges, on both sides. I used a soldering iron with a fine tip and some black plastic to fix it. 


The main reason of this "mechanical" failure is Lenovo bad design for this model : the hinges auto-tighten by themselves

main failure main casing.jpgback cover 1.jpgback cover 2.jpgmain housing fixed.jpg

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

Okay.. So by far Lenovo Laptops are the worst things ever happened to this planet. Extremely worst design, manufacturing and we customers have to face it. Lenovo are you going to account for this?

I am having the same issue for the 2nd time after just 1 year of screen replacement. 

The design is so freaking pathetic that they should literally stop making laptop's anymore. 

I have attached the pictures. Guys for my laptop, everything, every other component from battery life to touchscreen is working at its best since last 4 years (I purchased this piece of **bleep** in August 2014, probably when they launched this **bleep** for which I got proved to be stupid enough to buy this laptop, All I went for the configuration 16Gb RAM, 4gb dedicated Nvidia 860M GTX, etc). Each every part is still working fine as I've maintained it except the hinge which resulted into screen separation from back cover.

Last time when I gave it for replacement I explicitly told them to not tighten the hinge much but they did here is the result.

Lenovo, I don't know how should I curse you who's gonna account for this **bleep**....

I really wish your company burns down unless you fix this...

What's DOS?
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Re: Y50-70 Hinge failure

Had the laptop for a little over a year, it was nice and snappy with a beatiful display.  I use it daily for work doing coding, modeling, and numerical simulations and really liked it.  Always treated gently at my work station and never abused it.  First the hinges started creaking and then today the entire left hinge assembly cracked off taking most of the screen with it....  At first I thought it was somehow my fault, then after seeing how prevalent and common this problem is and inspecting the point of failure, this was entirely Lenovo's intent.


This is not a simple oversight or design flaw, it is entirely intentional.  A team of engineers with the knowledge to fabricate and assemble a computer don't accidentlly make the mistake of screwing a metal hinge into a flimsy piece of plastic at the exact point which sees the most stress day in and day out.  This is an intential mechanical engineering failure on the part of Lenovo.  Not a crib death from the factory, but a failure which will occur consistently after a peroid of time and conviently will not be covered under warranty such as a hardware issue....


Lenovo willingly planned this so that customers will have to either fork out the 300 dollars for repair and recieve a fix with the same timebomb or just decide to buy another Lenovo (attributing the mechanical failure to their own carelessness).  Greedy and disgraceful.  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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