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Paper Tape
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Y50-70 Overheating

Hello! Here is a little background story: When i bought this laptop about 8 months ago I could play everything I wanted (except CS:GO which has minilags for no reason), on high performance levels, for countless hours. My spec is 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 960M, i5-4210H, 1000GB HDD+8GB SSD (flash). Then my system (windows 10) got a bit trashed and the overall performance was bad, the hardware wasn't going on 100% and I knew that so I reinstalled the system from scratch. Now my Lenovo started giving 100% but I had some lagging issues so I started taking temperature. And that's the moment I knew I found the problem. But I can't find solution. Here are my temperatures when idle:


And temperatures when running games (Not some high-end games, CS:GO for 15 mins...)

 Bez tytułu.jpg


The problem is, later on it can reach even 99 degrees and the temperature makes CPU downclock so I need a solution. I installed everything I could, even some power management driver (tech supp told me to do so). It can't be real that this laptop can't run CS that I can run on my 10 yr old PC. Hope to hear from anyone that can give me anything to try. Cooling pad isn't the solution (it worked without cooling pad well, so that ain't the problem) 
Temperature in my area is around 27 nowadays.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 Overheating


Token Ring
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Re: Y50-70 Overheating

Your high is high but your idle is normal 
air way must have been blocked by dust in the back casing or the fan outlet .

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