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Y50-70 Touch Combo Jack not working with 4-pin combo mic + headset (works on cell phone)

Hi all! I just purchased a Y50-70 touch and am having issues getting the microphone on my mobile headset on my audio combo jack to work (verified working on another brand laptop that also has a combo jack).


Please note the following: 

- Mobile Headset has 4 pins and works on my Dell laptop that has a Realtek combo jack perfectly fine  

- I also have a Y-adapter that converts an analog pc headset into a 4-pin combo male plug (this works on other laptop fine as well, but not on my Lenovo Y50-70 touch)

- I have tried both the driver on Lenovo website, and the latest Realtek driver
- When I plug in my headphone I recieve a pop up saying "You just plugged a device into the audio jack", but I do NOT receive a popup that allows me to designate if it is speakers or headphones that I have plugged in

- In the Realtek HD Audio Manager, I am missing the folder icon on the top right that normally lets you designate if what you plugged in is speakers or headphones (see picture attached) 

- In playback devices, I have two Realtek microphone devices and when headset is plugged in , it still says "Not plugged in" 

- Headphones portion works fine, I can hear audio, it is just the microphone portion that does not work

- Headphones originally had muffled sound, but after moving balance bar to one of the sides, audio sounds fine now 

I believe the issue is that when plugging in my device, it is trying to use them as regular computer speakers, and not detecting the change over to headphones/headset. 


Please help! Thanks! 

nofoldericon.pngNormally a folder icon on top right of window under "Device Advanced Settings"playbackdevices.pngPlease note - the second device is the internal mic next to webcam (verified by tapping, and getting level indicator)

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