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Y50-70 Windows regularly freezes when 1TB SSHD is spinning up

I just received confirmation that my next level support has one of the Western Digital drives specified in the discussion thread for the Y50 HDD freezing. They were already looking at it for reports of slow keyboard typing after sleep mode. Slow keyboard typing is a known sign of hard drive issues, so this ties together nicely. They are now in the process of swapping out the suspect hard drive with a model by another manufacturer to verify the problem is not tied to anything else in the machine.


If the test results do point to the hard drive, the investigation will be escalated internally. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide a guess at how long this next step in the process will be.


However, I will continue to post updates in the discussion thread as they develop and I am able to share them.


Thank you for your continued patience as the issue is worked.


12/4 EDIT: This post has been moved for escalation purposes. Also, it has has been determined that slow keyboard typing is not related to a particular hard drive. Amy_Lenovo


3/26/15 EDIT: Changed subject line to improve searchability. Amy_Lenovo

Blue Screen Again
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Y50-70 Non-touch issues


I recently purchased a y-50 non-touch with window 8.1, and 16 gb of ram and the Nvidia 680m 4gb graphics card. When I play games that require the Nvidia card, they sometimes freeze for 1-5 seconds, and the audio stutters. (I hear a "h-h-h-h-h-h-ello", when it should be "hello"). Any help on understanding these issues would be greatly appreciated. As far as I know, it only happens when the computer has been running for 15 minutes.

Sample scenario:


Launch game, plays fine for about 10 minutes,

Video freezes for ~3 seconds accomanpied with the audio playing the same stuttering of what is supposed to be playing for that frame it froze on. Game continues as normal.


This happens at least 3-4 times in a 45-50 minute session. The games i've encountered this problem are: Team fortress 2 and League of Legends




Paper Tape
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Y50 Freezing Issues

Hi, I got a new Y50 the other day and have been using it over the weekend. In every session I encountered freezing issues where the laptop freezes for about 10-30 seconds at a time. I am able to move my mouse but cannot do any other action. This seemingly occurs while doing any operation (gaming, web, and others).


If anybody have had similar issues and were able to fix it please let me know. If not some general fixes would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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Re: Y50 Freezing Issues

Only thing I can think of is that your hard drive is freezing causing your computer to freeze. That's just a guess don't take my word on it.
Lenovo y510p - Intel Quad-core 4th gen i7-4700MQ @3.40Ghz - 16GB RAM - 1TB HDD 8GB SSD - 1080p FHD - Nvidia 755m SLI
Paper Tape
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Re: Y50 Freezing Issues

I had the same symptons. Pinned it down to the hard drive reporting 100% activity with an event log error (event id 129). Uninstalling Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (IRST) resolved the issue for me. Some say it should not be uninstalled, but others say if you don't have RAID, it should be okay, but you may not get the optimal use of your drive.


You can always reinstall it, if it does not resolve the problem.

Blue Screen Again
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Windows regularly freezes when HDD is spinning up.


I just purchased a Y50 laptop with windows 8.1 (8GB RAM, 1TB hdd with hybrid 8gb SSD)  and I noticed that once in a while (5 or 10 mins) windows would pause or freeze (for 1.5s) when I hear the hard drive trying to spin up. 


For example, when I was trying to write a letter (with keyboard activities of course) then I switched to the browser then there is a pause/freeze of 1.5s while I heard the hdd spinning up to speed. It wouldn't matter to me if the hdd wanted to spin up or down but the very frequent pause which was very annoying.

Some times there was no interruption when the hdd spinned up, sometimes there was. And when there was, I wasn't using extensive apps swapping in/out data , just switching from firefox to adobe reader caused that.


Some times I noticed I was reading a webpage on one tab for 30s , switched to another tab to hear the HDD spinning up.


My power plan is Balanced, Battery energy management  plan is conservation mode. My HDD is set to default sleep after 20mins. I changed it to Never but no effect. 


Any ideas, I appreciate it !


11/17 EDIT: I have combined multiple small threads to assist with an investigation into reports of Y50 drives exhibiting symptoms that include freezing, drive noise as it spins up, and stuttering. Amy_Lenovo


Fanfold Paper
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Re: Windows regularly freezes when HDD is spinning up.

I have this exact problem too! What's up with the new Y50s? This 1-2 second delay happens to me at random moments regardless of how light of a load I put on my laptop, and you can definitely hear the hard drive spinning up when it does. At first I didn't care but after a while IT GETS VERY ANNOYING! HELP!



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Windows regularly freezes when HDD is spinning up.

Glad to hear someone with the same problem, very disappointed for not to hear from Lenovo for many days. 


I have to add that the hdd spin up sounded like it wanted to go from 0 speed to full speed. This is a very wrong state considering I was using the laptop (not leaving it for prolonged time). It should instead run the hdd at REDUCED speed.


Is this a windows bug or lenovo bug ?

What's DOS?
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Re: Windows regularly freezes when HDD is spinning up.

The hard drive spins up because of your power settings turning it off. Go to the power settings, advanced settings, then under Hard Disk, change the "Turn hard disk off after:" time to something later or Never (go below the number 1). 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Windows regularly freezes when HDD is spinning up.

Already tried, You didn't read my post , did you ? This happens every few minutes sometimes for me, not every 20 mins

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