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Re: Lenovo Y50 freezing and stutter while playing games

I too had this issue with Mass Effect . From what I have learned is that its because of the slow HDD. So I removed indexing on my OS drive (C drive) and the issue got resolved. Also I regularly defragment my HDD. Hope it helps you too.

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Re: Windows regularly freezes when HDD is spinning up.

Is there anyone in the US experiencing this issue who would be willing to let me borrow their machine? Since my next level support is unable to reproduce the issue, they require a sample for testing. (Lenovo will pay for shipping.)


Please PM me if you are able to assist.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Y50 freezing and stutter while playing games

How do you remove indexing on your OS drive?  i'm not really sure what that means, but i'll try it out.  if that doesn't work then i'll try buying a new SSD like the other poster mentioned. 


edit: nevermind, i saw where your replied to someone else how to do it.  i'll try it, and if it fixes my problem then you are a saint and thank you very much.  going through the process of getting this laptop returned was a huge hassle and i'm getting slammed at work with overtime so i simply wasn't getting the chance to return it.  but now you may have fixed my problem.  i'll find out over the weekend when i get a lot of time to sit down and play so we'll find out by then. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Lenovo Y50 freezing and stutter while playing games

unfortunately, remove indexing was not my problem.  the stutter still is there but it doesn't seem to be as prevalent as before(i'd get it almost every minute but now it's down to just every couple of minutes).  so i guess it's either back to returning it to get it repaired when i finally have the time, or to trying buying the SSD like the other guy suggested. 

What's DOS?
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Re: Y50-70 Non-touch issues

Did lenovo solve this problem for u?


I have the exact same problem, with the exact same laptop with the exact same games you mentioned.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y50-70 Non-touch issues

Nope, and when I contacted them they were unhelpful. I'm fairly sure it was to do with the way the SSHD access memory, so if you decide to keep the laptop you could try swapping out the hard drives. (If you do end up doing this let me know how it goes!) The SSD in the UHD version has not had the problem.

Token Ring
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Re: Y50-70 Non-touch issues

I had this problem and it was because unless a game has a specific game profile, it will launch on the integrated, poo-poo Intel HD Graphics by default.


If you wish to check this out, find the game executable and right-click on it,  and you will see an option for "Run with graphics processor" - slide over to this and see which one says "(default)" next to it... be it the High-Performance NVIDIA or Integrated Graphics.    If it's "Integrated Graphics (default)" then select the "Change Default graphics processor..." option below this, then add the executable to the NVIDIA control panel and change to the NVIDIA there.


Next time you launch the game, it will use the 860M vs the Intel HD Graphics.


Also, I recommend doing a search for the "GEFORCE EXPERIENCE"  on your start menu search box and run this.  This will help you download the latest NVidia drivers appropriate to your system AND more game profiles... as well as enable additional features (such as a new "Battery Boost" mode if you want to extend battery life gaming at very small cost in performance, etc.).  The laptop ships with crusty, old drivers and this application which is installed will get the right stuff for you and tune your system as well.


The Geforce Experience program is bundled in but not documented.  It's a great way to keep your 3d graphics card and drivers up to date.


Fanfold Paper
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Freeze of 1-2 sec on Lenovo y50-70

Hi everyone,


I got a new computer on (windows 8 on lenovo y50-70 with intel i7 4710hq and geforce 860m) and some games, which are not very demanding in ressources, keep freezing every 5 or 10 minutes for 1 or 2 seconds. The games this happens on are Smite and Dolphin gamecube emulator (I haven't tried other games).


This is not an internet issue (I have a good ping, and Dolphin is offline). I have tried putting the graphics options to the minimum, but this didn't help. Most of the time, the games are very fluid (constantly 60 FPS).


I checked the battery management, and put max performance here. I also checked the nvidia app (I have the latest drivers), and I put there that it should use the settings for the best performances and use the graphics card instead of the intel integreated card.


I also tried to use the GeForce experience application to set recommended settings for the Smite game, but that didn't help either. I have checked the temperatures ingame and they're not so high (about 80°C maximum if I remember correctly)


Thank you for the help



Social Support Agent
Social Support Agent
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Re: Freeze of 1-2 sec on Lenovo y50-70

Hi Dbi,                           


Welcome to Lenovo Community!        


As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with the system freezing.


As you have mentioned that the system hangs in few games, try to check with other games as this game may require a high end graphics, also try to change the screen refresh rate and check for the issue.


Under the nvidia graphics settings, try to change the useage to maximum and check if the games hangs while playing.


 Hope this helps! Do post us back for further queries.                                


Best regards,                       



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Paper Tape
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Lenovo y50 freezes

When i play CS GO, randomly about every 2-3 minutes or so i get a 1-2 second freeze. Its not lag i know. This happens in every game i have played on this laptop. My system is more than capable of running CS GO.

Here are the specs
CPU-Intel Core i7-4700HQ 2.4GHz
HD-Hybrid 1TB,5400rpm + 8G (5mm) Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)
OS-Windows 8.1

i have heard of the HD being the problem and idk why. Im going to try and buy a 250gb SSD to put in it to see if that fixes the problem. Its not only in games i get the freeze, its when im programming in Visual Studio as well so thats how i know its not lag.

Thank you for feedback

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