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Paper Tape
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Y50-70 battery

Hello ,

I just bought this laptop 3 days ago and i found that the battery is non-removable .

So I wonder , how could I play now ?  you know that the fps drop in battery mode

so i have to plug my laptop all the time while playing .. Is that will not affect the battery  ??
i dun wanna lose my battery after 1 or 2 month so plz ans. me .

Thanks in advance ^^

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Re: Y50-70 battery

If you have the Lenovo Energy Managment (Red Icon in TaskBar Area), you can open that and selecte "Maximize Battery Health/Life" (I think something like that option is there)


It will keep your battery at 60% and will extend its overall life.

Thats the option which is supposed to help users who use their laptops as desktops, mostly plugged in.


Note - If your laptop is fully charged right now, then once you change the option then let it discharge to 60% before you start playing a game.

(In my y510p, there is a bug I think, when I change that option and if the battery is more than 60%, then the games play as if my laptop is on battery)

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Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 battery

Can you explain more plz ?

Do u mean that the battery will go off after reaching 60 % then the laptop will get the power from ac adaptor ?



Thanks alot for ur reply , i appreciate it .

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y50-70 battery

Enable Conservation mode in Lenevo Energy Manager, it will make your battery be at 55-60% charged and will give you AC supply preventing the battery from over charging and discharging. Your battery meter in windows 8.1 will show plugged in, not charging when it is the range of 55-60%. I have the same laptop and its a delight gaming on it for several hours. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 battery

Cool , thnx alot mate Smiley Wink

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