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Y50-70 boot issues with both memory sticks installed

I have a Y50-70 I inherited from my brother who had a seizer with it and severally damaged it. I upgraded to 4k touchscreen, new all around casing, and fastest available motherboard compatible with system. i7-4720 with the GTX 960 vs the 860 options. The only reason I had to replace the MB was I fried his original when trying to connect new 4k screen to his original screen cable. I hadnt done my homework about cross configurations and compatibality with this unit prior.


New motherboard came in and at first I tryed using my brothers original 8 gb (4x2gb). The board would refuse to boot with both sticks installed. Each seperatly in the bottom slot works, but not together. As I wanted to eventually upgrade and max out the ram to the 16gb the system can take, and thinking that just maybe the motherboard was having a compatibilaty issue with my brothers memory that he had been using in an older version board with the 860, I bought some GSkull DDR3L 128000 1600Mhz 9/9/9/28 2x8gb memory dirt cheap.


The new memory does the same exact thing. Both work seperatly, but not together. With my brothers or the new 16gb, with both sticks together, the system would fire up without powering on the screen and seem to go into an endless restart cycle.


Any ideas?

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