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I bought my Y50-70 without a pre-installed OS and I struggled with the drivers but have not been able to get my notebook make use of the built-in Nvidia GeForce 860M.


I reinstalled Win 8.1 (again), followed by updating


- both chipset drivers

- storage drivers

- energy managment drivers

- Intel video card drivers

- Nvidia video card drivers


from the Lenovo download page - nothing else except one game for testing. And that worked, the game ran perfectly - until I rebooted.


Now it's the same situation as before. Both (Intel and Nvidia) drivers are proper according to the device manager. But the game (Planetside 2) runs with 20fps again - instead of 90fps before rebooting. I have the laptop connected to a larger external monitor.


Ensure that your laptop lid remains open when in use as the integrated Intel GPU will not kick in.


When the lid is closed the integrated Intel GPU is used while the lid is closed. 

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How would I disable this, ie, STOP the intel gpu kicking in when the lid is closed.

I need to use the GeForce via the HDMI output but with the lid closed. Is there a registry key or something in power management to change this setting?


from what I can see after a day of use the Intel GPU GPU remains the primary GPU whatever settings I make on my Z70 (I've made all the setting changes advised in the Lenovo help files on this)


This is the case when working using the Laptop screen without the external monitor being plugged in and with the screen open


Have I missed something?


Note - this is the case with the Laptop arriving with Win 8.1 pre-installed


Serene_Lenovo  - have you made any progress with this?


I'm about to buy a Y50-70 but only if I can get GeForce output to the external monitor with the laptop closed.



Is there any insight here? I can't seem to get my brand new work y70 to use the NVidia graphics card for any external displays! What the heck is going on!? And, moreso, why can't even the crummy Intel onboard graphics push 2560 x 1600 via either HDMI or USB (through a replicator)? I've had a 30" monitor running 2560 x 1600 for 5 years. This is a brand new laptop and can't push out high res?! It's crazy to me!!


EDIT: I presently have the Intel display adapter disabled in the device manager. I have video on the laptop display but I can no longer get ANY external displays to work. Which means, to me, it would seem that the NVidia GPU is 100% relegated to the laptop display, ONLY.


Did you try nvida control panel --> 3d setting and set it use nvida graphic only. that is what i did and using nvida gpu while plug into external monitor, there is no point using intel gpu anyway


but take care to leave the lid up as I believe closing it covers some air vents so it may overheat if you're pushing the GPU.


I did set the 3D setting in the nvidial control panel to nvidia explicitly. Also, when I look at connected displays in the nvidia control panel, everything ALWAYS shows up under the Intel graphics card, period. Lid open, lid closed. Zero external monitors connected, multiple external monitors connected. I cannot seem to get the laptop to actually use the GTX-860M at all.


If this is some automatic "power-save" management done by Lenovo.. how about you don't?! I run this machine docked 99% of the time, plugged in. Power consumption isn't a concern. I'd like to get the most out of this laptop, please and thank you.


I have heard that the best way to ensure that the NVidia graphics card does its work is to disable the Intel HD graphics in the BIOS. Does anybody know how to get at the BIOS?



This is should allow you enter bios...


"Novo button - When the computer is off or in hibernation mode, press this button to start the Lenovo OneKey Recovert System or the BIOS setup utility, or to enter the boot menu."


Hope me this helps. I have not tried to disable the Intel chip but I think it's a good idea.


How can I tell which graphics card is being used when using an external monitor??


Open up the NVIDIA Control Panel application. You should see two display drivers under "Set PhysX Configuration". I see GeForce GTX 860M and Intel HD Graphics 4600. No matter what I do, the monitors are never being driven by the GeForce driver.


Okay lemme explain you why you cant disble iGPU or run only NVGPU becoz all the displays are connected to only the iGPU(including laptop display) and nvidia GPU in follow up connected to iGPU(NVGPU is jus rendering 3D)......So if u see it here nvidia GPU being connected to iGPU can be disabled but iGPU cant be disabled.... even if u somehow disable(no way till now) u cant work the laptop in which the display itself is being drived by iGPU......


Thanks Kamal Smiley Happy



Is that setup the same for all laptop manufacturers or just Lenovo? 


Yeah its almost same on all traditional OEM's like lenovo,dell,hp &acer...But these for most of the time do not apply for OEM's like MSI,ALIENWARE,ASUS,SCHENKER,ORIGIN,etc ....But there are many other reasons like if the graphics card installed is sappable(MXM modules) then for the majority of time u can disable iGPU and use only dGPU.....Even many other For example the 860m installed in our y50 is of maxwell architecture.... but there is same GPU 860m with Keplar architecture,in this case most of the keplar are hot swappable so yes we disable iGPU and enable dGPU...But if the installed is higher than the GTX x60m(like GTX 970m) then yes you can always disable iGPU to use only dGPU... I can even tell many more jus ask me if u have any doubt on any component.... Smiley Happy Cheers





Thank you Kamal!  Your help has been much appreciated.

By chance, would you happen to know if I can upgrade my existing HDMI 1.4 ports to a HDMI 2.0 port?

I think if i can do that, I might be able to display out to an external monitor at 4k 60hz.

I have the y50-70 4k with the 960M GPU



Nope bro u cant do that,even if u did that u may lose the HDMI connectivity.... Smiley Happy


My Y50-70 runs great to a Dell 2715h via HDMI @ 2560x1440 59hz. The GPU runs just fine with the lid closed. I also run Throttle stop 8.0 and have it on a cooling pad to stop the laptop throttling the CPU and GPU with the lid closed. I did have a Dell 2713h and it doesn't support 2560x1440 via HDMI, only Displayport (via a dock). 


One more thing, I removed the heatsink on the CPU/GPU, cleaned it up and applied Artic Thermal 5. Temps at 100% get to about 85c max, GPU around 60c. That was during 3D Mark 11 benchmark.


Not working fro me ... same problem ... external monitor is using intel 4600 ... 

please assist 




This problem is weird. I though the 4600 is the one who control the HDMI port. This is mean it will using the 4600 no matter the lid is close or not when plug in the HDMI.


And I did say "weird" because IIRC the Nvidia Optimus (no Prime here... no joking. ok...) only running as secondary GPU no matter you want it or not. Some BIOS may allow you to disable the integrate graphic card, but mostly don't.


Quote from the Geforce Optimus site, "Using NVIDIA's Optimus technology, when the discrete GPU is handling all the rendering duties, the final image output to the display is still handled by the Intel integrated graphics processor (IGP). In effect, the IGP is only being used as a simple display controller, resulting in a seamless, flicker-free experience with no need to reboot." end quote.


So, external moniter using 4600 is normal you just have to check that Nvidia GPU is working in the application you running on external moniter.