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Y50-70 heat CPU 100c GPU 90c

I recently purchased a refurbished Y50-70 Touch and immediately had to send it in for service as the first game I loaded resulted in flashing green bars on the scren.  They replaced the motherboard (and the broken touchpad).


I have just received it back and noticed that the CPU is hitting it's thermal limit of 100c, and the 860M is 85c+, in games at minimum settings.  As measured by HWMonitor.  I have a fresh install of Win10, so no Lenovo software running atm.


1.  Does Lenovo provide fan control software, or is there a BIOS update, that could ramp up my fan RPMs?  (speedfan detects temps but not fans).


2.  I'm considering checking the cooling system, and re-applying thermal grease myself.  I've done a fair amount of work on desktops, but less on laptops.  Are there any resources/tips for doing so on the Y50s?


3.  Is Artic Silver still the best grease?  Any tips for working on laptops vs. desktops?



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Re: Y50-70 heat CPU 100c GPU 90c

From what I remember, GPU & CPU use a single & same heatpipe in this laptopt, so it heats up quickly.
Playing games (the division) bring the cpu to its thermal limit and then CPU throttling occurs. You can use throttlestop to force everything to run at full speed (and 100°c) but then the built-in intel throttling kicks in... Hot, baby, HOT!

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