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What's DOS?
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Y50-70 pink/green screen

So I was playing some Skyrim Special Edition, and when I finished my session and exited the game, my screen was pink with some some green stripes.

Now, I've searched about and found similiar issues (see below)

I've had an issue like this where the screen has kind of "blinked" green/pink for just a second and appeared fine again in long intervalls of maybe 5 minutes in the past, but usually it has gone away, and been in relation to an uninstalled driver update (at least I think so...)


And of course, the answers are different from source to source, but one that kept appearing was replacement of the LCD screen or something like that. (it may not necessarily be the issue here, but I guess it is.)

I'm interested in hearing what people has to say about the issue and what to do. I've still got an active warranty, so the only thing to do is to send it off to repairs? It's not something I can fix myself? Should I take a backup of files (mainly games) that I don't wanna lose? Is it guaranteed that it will be fixed?

I'm situated in Norway, and the one and only repair place is in Oslo and I'm gonna call them later today.

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Re: Y50-70 pink/green screen

Yes, if the screen is changing colors, it is possibly an impending hardware failure. Your best bet is to send it to the repair center, take pictures of the laptop before sending it off, note down its serial number and other details.


Under Warranty this should be a free repair as long as there is no evidence of rough handling. It is always advised to take backup of any and all important files before sending the laptop for repair. In my experience, such issues should be fixed first time if they are immediately reproducible. Just check with them if they have the spare parts available for this fix (if they can check and give you that information). Usually, the repair center will receive the machine, diagnose and replace the required parts (if need be).


I had my motherboard replaced once but I had to send it twice before they actually fixed it. Include as much detail in your repair request while creating the case, so that the defect can be identified.

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What's DOS?
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Re: Y50-70 pink/green screen

UPDATE: So, I absolutely forgot about this post.

Here's an update on the situation.

So I let my laptop lay while I used my stationary computer instead while making preparations for a possible repair shipping, while also asking advice from tech people I know irl.

The day after it got the screen there was no change, and I prepped some backups (didn't delete any files yet, luckily).

However, on the second (or third, can't remember) day the computer was perfectly fine again, and has been running perfectly fine ever since. I've been playing some games, some graphically demanding games (not Skyrim SE yet...) and the issues has no reappered. I did nothing, and I also don't know how and why it fixed itself, but I am satisfied.

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