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Paper Tape
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Y50-70 randomly freezing and boot looping

Hello. I have a Y50-70 (nVidia 860m version with 16GB of RAM and a 500GB Crucial MX200 SSD, with Windows 10 64-bit on it).


I've had it for about a year now and it was working fine until yesterday it suddenly turned off on its own with a black screen (the battery was 50%+ at that time). I turned it on and it worked fine for a while.


After a couple of hours, I was running Chrome and the laptop froze and the screen got all glitchy with random horizontal lines and it kept wobbling to left and right. It was unresponsive to the keyboard and mouse so I had to hold the power button for a couple of seconds to restart it.


The same thing happened again today but this time it didn't turn on after holding the power button. The keyboard lights/fans would just turn on and off again. It kept repeating this for like 10 times. It didn't even show the LENOVO logo, just a complete black screen (not on HDMI as well when I connected it). I held the power button again to turn it off, and the same thing happened again, boot loop, until it got out of the boot loop on its own and turned on. When it did, it froze on the BIOS system password entry and the screen showed a couple of horizontal lines on BIOS system password box (also the keyboard was frozen by then). This is before Windows got a chance to even load, so this is what makes me suspect it's not a Windows fault.


I tried again a couple of times, and it passed the BIOS password entry but Windows threw a couple of BSODs with "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (ACPI.sys)" and "SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION). I rebooted and it turned on normally without any issues, until it froze again.


Now I tried turning it on and it turned on fine without any boot loops. What's up? I read on another thread with ThinkPad X1 Carbon, some people had issues with their motherboards where it kept boot looping until they replaced them, but in their cases it didn't turn on at all, not even once.


I ran Memtest86 for 2 hours and it passed 2 passes without any errors. I ran HWMONITOR and the CPU temperature never exceeded the 75 under load (even when running CPU-Z "Stress CPU" option).


Here's a video of one of the times it turned on but froze at the Windows login screen (notice the random lines on the screen at second 26, those usually appear when it freezes):

Lenovo Y50-70 freezing


Here's a picture of one of the times it froze during the Windows 10 Recovery screen (the horizontal lines are clear here):

It happens both on AC and on battery btw (just happened right now when I was posting this). What would cause something like this?


Any help would be appreciated as I have finals coming up and lots of projects to work on and hand in over the upcoming weeks. Thanks!

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 randomly freezing and boot looping

Update: I downloaded the Lenovo Diagnostic tools to a USB drive. I ran the Processor/Motherboard/Memory tests and here are the results.


For the CPU and the Motherboard, I had no errors after 4 trials (2 on battery and 2 on AC). As for the Memory, well this is where it gets interestig.


There are 2x 8GB modules and 2x RAM slots on the motherboard. I tested both of the modules at the same time and then each one seperately, twice in each slot. Let's call them Module A and Module B, and slot 1 and slot 2.


-Both modules present: 2/3 tests were successfull, and once the Lenovo Diagnostics tools failed to even boot up (laptop froze while loading some of the diagnostic utility files).

-Module A inside slot 1: 2/4 trials, the laptop turned off during the test.

-Module A inside slot 2:The laptop didn't turn off at all and all tests were successfull (4 tests total).

-Module B inside slot 1: 2/4 trials, the laptop turned off during the test.

-Module B inside slot 2: 1/4 trials the laptop turned off during the test.



The tests are kinda inconclusive in my opinion, however I'm now running the laptop with only Module A inside slot 2 as that was the best case. Will see how that goes. It's sad that I'm hoping it's just a faulty module and not a more serious issue.

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