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Y50-70 some numpad key not working (Update2 : Solve... Yeah really)

Hello, I'm didn't think I'll have to make a topic here. But since my Y50-70 is some how old and I've use it almost everyday (the system say I've running it for over a 1000+ days already). So, I did expected this to happen eventually.


The things is, my numpad key didn't work... well, 0 1 3 4 6 7 9 and star(*) to be precise. I did saw a pattern there, so I need some help from advance expert. All other key on side numpad work. Only the key I mention is not working.


Also, I try install all driver again but still didn't solve it. I think the numpad stop working about this week, well about tuesday this week. Since it was the days my Laptop restart with no reason (some update I think?). And I did use the numpad on Monday and it work fine.


In conclusion, even in BIOS the key I mention didn't work. With or without numlock being turn on. You know with numlock turn off it should work as direction key, but the key I mention still do nothing.


I hope to get some help and information from other Y50-70 user.


Update : After I woke up (which is, just now). The numpad I said not working miraculously work fine again!!


So... Problem Solve?? for now...


Also, FYI. I did turn on my Laptop 24/7 for WiFi sharing. That is why the running time is so high.


Update2 : After I mass with my Laptop for a bit. I found out that 'Fn' Key is the reason why I can't use some of my numpad key.


The reason is, I did use 'Fn' Key to disable Backlight to save the energy. So everytime I use 'Fn' key the numpad key I mention will suddenly not working. So I hit 'Fn' key again (for a lot of times) and VIOLA!! The numpad key I thought it was not working are working again!!


TBH, IDK why this suddenly happen. I did disable any sticky key. Maybe there are some program interfere with it? But I didn't install any new programs/Drivers... Weird indeed...

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