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What's DOS?
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Y50-70 unusual clock speeds

My laptop been showing unusually high clock speeds on HW monitor recently. I have not overclocked when I bought it but I'm aware that the i7 4710hq has turboboost capabilities to 3.5Ghz. 

Just recently I have seen the clock speeds reach up to 3.7Ghz which had not happened in the past year I had the laptop (the speeds continuosly reach this point even after the first day). My concerns are :

1. Will these high speeds cause any harm whatsoeverCPU.jpg

2. Any ideas what could have caused this to happen all of a sudden?


Paper Tape
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Re: Y50-70 unusual clock speeds

I think this is a HW Monitor issue. I have seen it report my core 2 duo at 10ghz. On my z70-80 it claims has hit 3.5ghz, even though it's turbo is 3ghz. Not one system I have tried it on has given reliable results. I'd recommend trying another tool.

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