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Paper Tape
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Y50-70 wireless card is (AC-3160)

Lenovo Y50-70, Wireless card is AC-3160, Windows 10.

So im at this tipping point where im going bat crazy over this  WIFI CARD because EVER SINCE I  BOUGHT THIS COMPUTER (over a year) I HAVE 300-2000 ms when pinging the router.


I have tried upgrading/downgrading the driver, update windows, nothing helped.


I expect a fully formed answer which doesnt include the phrase "download the latest driver", and i think i deserve it after spending over 1500$ on a  GAMING pc which you cant even GAME at (unless you plug the network cable), and spending too much time on this site trying to figure out who the  hired the UX guy.


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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎02-25-2017
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Re: Y50-70 wireless card is (AC-3160)

Hey thanks Moderator for fixing my post, but not fixing my problem. This problem is at least 3 years old, and a known issue. why are you not providing a solution to your damaged product?!
Token Ring
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Re: Y50-70 wireless card is (AC-3160)

After update to lastest driver. Disable Fast start-up from the Windows.


This is a issue that still not verify yet. Because I only have 2 laptop that use Windows 10. I did disabled Fast Start-up on my Laptop, while the other laptop have Enable Fast start-up. The Laptop that didn't disable Fast start-up have Wifi connection issue. This is just my assumption but I hope this can solve your problem.

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