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Paper Tape
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Y50 Buy or Not?

I wanted to buy the Y50 4k resolution model for everyday gaming/college, but there are so many problems awaiting me, I'm absolutely not sure if I should pull the trigger right away or should I wait until further updates. SO, I will need your help for this one. Should I buy it right away despite the locked resolution and the washed yellow color? Or should I wait for further updates on their hardwares/softwares? I also know that Intel's new i7 processors aswell as Nvidia's new 960M is coming soon, so this is also something I should consider.

Token Ring
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Re: Y50 Buy or Not?

I guess the question really becomes, how much of a hurry are you in to get a laptop?


In my case, my trusty T500 finally bit the dust so I decided to go for the Y50 due to the great stats and good price point for the specs, plus I needed a replacement in a hurry.


I'm thoroughly satisfied with my purchase, being the Y50 with 4k, 16gb ram, 256 gb SSD non-touch model.  My pro's and cons would be:



* Mustard yellows but I was able to improve greatly with the Intel color adjustments (crank red down to -5 brightness, 0.8 gamma, then turn the overall saturation up to 50 or so).

* Trackpad. Simply aweful.  I cannot bare to use it for even a short period of time and use a usb mouse.  I loved the trackpad on my T61 then later T500.  This one just plain out sucks... no exaggeration. Heck, trying to right-click moves the cursor and forget about click-dragging as it will often just stop registering any movement at all the left button is down....

* Windows 8.1 is really NOT ready for UHD/4k resolution.  You will need to keep a magnifying glass around for a few apps else run it in 1920x1080 mode non-native.

* Small "click" noise under the keyboard about every 5-7 seconds that comes and goes.. completely gone if the fan kicks on (so it's only at system idle).  It's not very loud and I do not notice it unless I am in a completely silent environment.



* It games wonderfully at 1920x1080@48hz for most everything I throw at it.. even beefier games like Battlefield4 and Crysis games. 

 * It can muster some games at 4k, but mostly strategy or tower-defense style games.

* Sound system is amazing for a laptop.  The woofer and speakers work great.

* I love the keyboard.  It has a nice tactile feel and good feeling to it for both WASD gaming as well as typing documents. (I'm on it right now).

* It runs cooler than any other laptop I've owned.  Even my older T500 with a Radeon 3650M used to get very hot when gaming.  This one only gets slightly warm and remains pretty quiet even when the fan ramps up a bit for games.

* The 4k display, aside from the yellow issue, is absolutely gorgeous.  Beautiful color and contrast and only a minimal amount of edge bleed, at least on mine. 


More importantly, once you used this laptop at 4k desktop resolution, you'll start seeing pixels everywhere else lol.  It does spoil your eyes once they have enjoyed this kind of resolution.


So I guess my advice is- if those cons annoy you (some do me, for sure), you might want to wait for the next gen Y50 or even Windows 10 which looks like Microsoft got the message about Windows 8/8.1. 

If you want a good priced gaming laptop that runs/works great with a few small drawbacks as described above, the Y50 is a great value and I'm happy with my purchase.


Hope that helps!



Paper Tape
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Re: Y50 Buy or Not?

Definitely not! Specially that one with UHD display. 

- Support 0 (i miss my apple care support)

- Quality of the product "terribile".


If you don't believe me, just look around all the forums!

and if you're asking me why i'm so angry, because i spent 1.4k euros last week for a product that has almost the quality of a economic notebook. With the display of the worst quality.


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