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Y50 - Computer wont start after failing update installation

Lenovo y50 i7 geforce 860 non touch version.

Windows 8.1



I have had mi notebook for about 1.5 months now. Since the beginning I have had problems with the drivers, having to reinstall the sound, mouse and bluetooth drivers. Ocasionally, the PC would fail to shut off, usually freezing while trying to close windows.


The problem:

Last wednesday, oct 14, I restarted my PC to install some windows updates. The install was not successful, after at least two hours of showing the message "Installing update 7 of 17. Please dont turn off your PC" (and yes it was update 7 of 17 all the time) I decided to turn the computer off. Afterwards the windows repair would start on my next boot up but It failed on several ocations to start windows. 

After unsuccessfully trying to restore the PC to its state before the windows update and failing to boot on safe mode I had to recover to the original windows image that came with the system (keeping my files but uninstallinge everything)


After the recovery I proceeded to install my olf programs and everything went ok until last night, oct 18, when again a windows update failed to finish. This time the Pc froze while restarting on the LENOVO logo. I left the computer like that all the night but it remained frozen. Tired I shut it off just to see that again windows repair would fail and the computer wouldnt boot.


Is this problem due to my PC not working, are the drivers the problem or is it windows update fault?

Has this happened to anyone else? If so is there a workaround? Would upgrading to Windows 10 fix the problem?


Thanks in advance.



Mod's Edit: System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.



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Re: Computer wont start after failing update installation

Everything should work 100% with the OEM build and OS assuming its Win 8.1 64bit. If not its most likely a hardware problem. Drivers supplied even though older should work as they must have been certified for the build at Lenovo. Upgrading them may add enhancements and improved functionality.


If the Computer is having problems now. Switching to a different OS complicates the diagnosis since Window 10 has plenty of trouble with these system (have you not read the tread you just posted within???)


You need to call the tech support team and have them fix or repair your machine. This is a forum only.

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