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Paper Tape
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Y50 touch boot error (Hard disk not detected) - Delay in repair

I bought a Y50 touch laptop in August 2014 and after just 3 months of usage the hard disk just crashed without any reason. Since the harddisk was not being detected (I checked the BIOS also) I could not back up my files. I sent my laptop for repair to Lenovo service depot as it  is still under warranty and I was informed by the technical support that Laptop will be repaired in 7 business days after it reached the repair station. But after the laptop reached, I was informed that the damaged part was not in stock and had to be ordered. On checking the repair status I found that ETA for the damaged part is 12/26/2014 which is more than 2 weeks than what i was told to get my laptop repaired.


Being a student, I am not able to complete my academic projects and related work due to this delay. I am forced to look for alternative laptops to buy as this delay will affect my professional work greatly.

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50 touch boot error (Hard disk not detected) - Delay in repair

I had the EXACT problem! I got the touchscreen version of the Y50 from Amazon after about 3 months, the hard disk crashed. I sent my laptop to the depot center too (it arrived there in November 26) and the website said that the ETA for the hard disk was 12/29/14. This got me frustrated- I called up the service center and they passed the case to a Customer Relations Manager, who called me after 2 days offering me a new laptop! I got the new one on December 15- the day my final exams ended. Nonetheless, I was happy to get a new one!


And now, this new laptop started having disk errors since the last two days. I had two disk error notifications and Windows suggested that I restart and "repair" the drive. I had this exact problem with my previous laptop- I remember running the "restart-disk-repair" utlitity many times and I feel that this machine is also likely to be defective. I am not sure; but two disk error notifications in two consecutive days doesn't seem right. (Would appreciate if someone had suggestions for this)


Nonetheless, reply and let me know if you got your computer back, or if you just got a new one!

Paper Tape
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Re: Y50 touch boot error - DELAY IN REFUND

The Lenovo people said that my new Y 50 touch laptop bought from Bestbuy was refurished(DONT KNOW HOW THATS POSSIBLE) and offered me to refund the whole amount.

After accepting the refund offer, they put in a request for the refund but even after a week there has been no further communication from their end. They are not replying even after repeated emails to the customer relations manager on this issue.

Its been a total inconvenience to me from Lenovo on this matter and I am never willing to buy any other Lenovo product in future.


Anyone with knowledge of refund process plzz help me out on this issue...

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