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Blue Screen Again
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Y50 warranty void after HDD swap?

Hello everyone,


just a quick question: 

will exchanging the HDD (e.g. for an SSD) myself in the Y50-70 void warranty for the device? It's obvious that Lenovo will not provide any warranty service for the new disk, but non-related issues and/or components should still be fully covered, right?



Punch Card
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Re: Y50 warranty void after HDD swap?

Hello Don Jonas:


My advice is to contact your local Official Lenovo Partner or go to Lenovo's online support site.


You can also consult the electronic User Guide on your Y50 that describes the specific types of warranty applicable to Germany (it's a long PDF file located in an app called User Manuals). The question is if a Samsung SSD (just an example) is considered a legitimate CRU, i.e. a customer replaceable unit, or if you have to use a Lenovo SSD. My guess is that swapping the existing HDD for any SSD will not impact your warranty as long as the unit itself will not affect the machine adversely.


So ask yourself:

a) Can I perform the swap without breaking anything? (chipping other hardware components or ripping out cords/wires)

b) Could the new unit possibly malfunction and wreck other components?

c) Could this step lead to problems that would involve official Lenovo assistance in the future?


Best of luck,


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