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Paper Tape
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Y500: Choose Ultrabay as primary gpu (internal gpu broken)

Hi everyone,


If you don't want to read everything, just scroll down to the underlined part Smiley Wink


For 3 years now, my Y500 (gt650m sli, second gpu in Ultrabay) had been working fine. But now, there is a problem. My primary gpu, i.e. the one attached to the motherboard, not the one connected via Ultrabay, appears to be broken.

The Problem:

Occasionally, the primary gpu has malfunctions. Therefore, I have to use the device manager to switch it off. Otherwise, my laptop tends to reboot out of an instant after running for some time. There are times when I can use the gpu for several hours without any problems, but there also are times when I cannot use it at all. When I switch it off in the, move my notebook, and switch it on again, there is a probability that the gpu might work. Hence, I assume a hardware issue.

The Story:

The problem first appeared after a really nasty circumstance; I took my notebook with me in its bag (a rather fluffy bag to prevent the notebook from blows) and suddenly, I realised that the bag became hot. The reason was a Windows update started out of standby... The notebook crashed with 34% of the updates installed. Afterwards, I had to reinstall Windows or nothing would work. (The crash at 34% seems to originate in the empty battery, but that's not for sure)
After the reinstallation, said issue occured for the first time. Hence, I reinstalled the OS several times. Currently, I am using the OS from the OKR with the automatic (inescapable) update to Windows 8.1. I have checked every possible driver issue but have not made it work properly, yet.
When I have the gpu switched on, my hard drive also seems to work more, what is a point for driver issues. But I do not believe in driver issues anymore, since I can remove the issue via shaking and since I have done almost everything possible with the drivers...


Currently, I am using the laptop with the primary gpu switched off. Thus, I can use the laptop with only its single screen to write and browse. But gaming is impossible, because the second gpu somehow seems to not work alone. Instead, for example, if I try to start the nVidia control panel, it says there wasn't any nVidia device at all. Note that the second gpu is always switched on. Hence, I have

Two Questions:

1. Is there a way to use the Ultrabay gpu alone, and if yes, how?

2. Do you have an idea to solve the actual problem?


An answer to the first question would already be sufficient, because I only want to play old games, right now. In about half a year I want to buy a new laptop. But not now...
I have talked to a workshop for lenovo in my area, and they do not have any parts of the notebook there. Thus, I want to solve it on my own. I cannot afford a too long period of time without my laptop.


I would be really thankful for any suggestions or actual solutions! Also, if anyone finds mistakes in my English, please don't hesitate to tell me! I want to make my problem as clear as possible! Smiley Happy


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Community Moderator
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Re: Y500: Choose Ultrabay as primary gpu (internal gpu broken)

I don't have a Y500, however, you can usually disable the discrete GPU within the BIOS, forcing the system to primarily use the Intel GPU within the CPU. This shouldn't disable the external GPU, but it's possible it will. Still, I'd give that a try first to see if it works.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Y500: Choose Ultrabay as primary gpu (internal gpu broken)

The idea is great. Thanks for it!
Unfortunately, I do not see how to enable/disable any devices within the BIOS. Google didn't provide any help yet either... Here is a link to pictures of my BIOS:

Do you know what to do?



I have found this:

Apparently, the BIOS has blacklisted pretty much everything... Now, I will have to create a techinferno account and post at very least 5 sensible things... Like the broken laptop wasn't sufficiently annoying...^^

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Y500: Choose Ultrabay as primary gpu (internal gpu broken)

Did you solve this problem back then?

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