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Y500 GPU staying at idle clock speeds

Hi all,


I have a Lenovo Y500 with a single GT 750M card. Recently, I began having a plethora of problems; I hadn't updated or changed any settings/drivers, but first my fan started making strange noises and my computer started severely dropping framerate in games. I originally thought this was my CPU getting throttled because of heat, but my fan seems to have calmed down (I cleaned out some dust and it seems fine now). I then began suspecting my GPU and downloaded GPU Shark.  It looks to me like my problem is coming from my GPU not clocking up p-states when under load (GPU Shark shows it staying at pstate 8/idle), but I'm not sure if that's correct and/or why it's doing that.


In terms of troubleshooting, I've already tried rebooting and doing a clean install of my GPU drivers; my power settings are on high performance and my computer is plugged in/not on battery power.


I've attached screenshots of Coretemp and GPU Shark readings while under moderate load (World of Tanks). Any ideas as to what's wrong and how to fix it?











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