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I just bought a Lenovo Y500 about a week ago and I noticed that the laptop only uses both graphic cards when it is plugged in to the AC adapter. However, when I unplug it, it'll use only one graphic card. So how do I get the system to use both cards even when i'm unplugged?


In order to use the SLI (two graphics cards), it requires the 170w adapter to run at maximum performance. The battery can only run one graphics card because it needs more power to run two.

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So I just purchased the second GPU for SLI and it doesn't work. I realize now that I had my AC adapter replaced under warranty and they sent me a 120W adapter. Would this be why I can't get the SLI to function?


I have very little computer/electronics knowledge, but I think this is the issue I'm experiencing. I just want to make sure before I purchase a new adapter. I'm having trouble determining how much wattage my adapter supplies to my computer. On the backside it gives an input range of 100-240V ~2.0A. The cable that plugs into an outlet and into the adapter box reads 125V-7A at the end that plugs into the adapter box. Thanks for any input on the issue.


The power adapter needed for using dual graphics cards on the Y500 is shaped like a brick and it's significantly larger and heavier than a standard laptop power adapter. The label on mine says it's Model number 45NO111, and its power is 170 watts. Your dual graphics will only work when the Y500 is powered by this adapter. You can still play games if you're on battery power, but you must turn all graphics settings down to low and (maybe) reduce screen resolution, too.


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