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Y500 Ideapad, some keyboard keys stop working

2015-01-02, 13:02 PM

Since a few weeks, the keys I and K sometimes randomly stop working.


I first noticed it four weeks ago. At first I only had this problem when entering my password (I have Windows 8.1), I would try to enter my password and then notice that my "I" didn't want to work anymore. Pressing the button for a long time made it work again. When my laptop was fully booted I wouldn't notice any problem with the keys, not even a little. But slowly over time, there was no way I could make my I work when I was entering my password and then I also noticed my K didn't want to work either. It started happening randomly when I was on the internet or writing on Wordpad: my I and K would stop working. First after a bit of pressing on both keys at the same time it started working and so I ignored it, but now sometimes i'm waiting and pressing the buttons for ten minutes long before they work properly again. For 3 minutes they work, only to stop working right afterwards again.


^, *, -, and . stop working too, but those are only minor problems. I can work without punctuation, but I can't work without my K and I.


I don't think there's a problem with the keys itself, I assume if it's something with the actual keyboard then my K and I would stop working seperately at different times, and not all together at the same time? They don't feel stiff either, and I also never eat at my laptop so it's definitely not bread crumbs or anything under them if there is. I  tried something that I read on the internet for when keys stop working: Shut down laptop, remove cables and battery, press and hold on/off button for 1 minute, place battery inside the laptop and then start the laptop up again. It helped alot of people, but I'm afraid that if anything, trying that only made it worse.


Does anyone ever had anything related or can someone try and help me figure out what would cause or more importantly, fix this? If it's really needed, I'm definitely willing to do a factory reset if there's chance that that would fix this problem. But I'm not that smart in computers to know if it would. I'm not a hundred procent sure, but  really think that there's nothing wrong with my keyboard itself but that it's a hardware failure. 


Thanks so much in advance! 




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Re: Y500 Ideapad, some keyboard keys stop working

2015-01-02, 16:31 PM

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !


If you have a USB keyboard available can you try that and see if the problem continues ? 


I suspect that the USB will work without problems,  That the problem you are having is with the keyboard itself.  Since the problem is random, but slowly getting worse and centers around the K and L keys could be a good indication of a keyboard defect.   Is your system still under warranty ? 

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Re: Y500 Ideapad, some keyboard keys stop working

2019-10-09, 14:16 PM

I have the same problem, but with 2 whole columns. The keys that doesn't work when i start my computer up are N,H,Y,6, ',' , J, U, 7 (yes azerty). I have this problem now for over 5 months, and after some updates they work with no problem, but now they hardly ever work on start up. I have to wait around 5 minutes, and the press long on all keys until one work, most of the times N. Thereafter they work as long as i keep using the keys. If i dont use 30 minutes, they dont work anymore and i have to start over.

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