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Fanfold Paper
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Y500 Issues & Zero help from technical support

I received a new Y500 and right away I started noticing problems with it.


The first thing I noticed was that I did not receive a license card for the MS Office that I had purchased.


Second, the optical drive will eject if I press lightly anywhere on the bezel.  This is a constant problem because I can not hold the machine on my lap without the optical tray ejecting.


Finally, the touchpad on the Y500 is completely unusable.  Look elsewhere on the forums for a full description of the problem.


To top it all off, I have called support twice now about a week apart, and both times their systems have been down for maintenance and they were unable to assist me in the slightest way.  What good is 24x7 support if nobody can help you?


The technical support agent suggested that I call post sales support to initiate a return.  I intend to do just that, for a refund.  At this point I am not interested in owning another "Idea" branded product ever again, and as an IT consultant neither will my clients.


I have a new ThinkPad on the way for my work laptop.  I hope it is not as disappointing as my IdeaPad has been.  I know they haven't been the same since Lenovo acquired the Think brand from IBM and I only expect them to get worse.


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Re: Y500 Issues & Zero help from technical support

my optical drive bay alway pops out. i'm wondering if thats a hazard of the ultrabay. i tried undoing the drive, sliding it out, then sliding it back in twice...and i was surprised that when i pushed the button in the middle of the tray, it doesn't open. every time i pick it up, my right hand triggers the tray opening. any pressure on the back corner of it triggers it to open.


i remember calling Lenovo support the first day I got this laptop complaining that there was no visible serial number on the outside, that the drive bay kept popping out.....before I had touchpad and keyboard issues.


I'm wondering if this thing was just slapped together to meet some kind of year end push for sales.


I've been trying to get mind swapped out for a y580, but they won't let me exchange it even both systems' base prices are the same. told me i had to return the y500. i guess i'll just have to find a coupon to buy the y580, then send the y500 back. i have a return UPS label but haven't used it yet. i was hoping i could send this back and yet a y580 in return and not be too long without a laptop. Mark at Lenovo offered to help me with it, but i got no reply to the PM's i send after he offered to help with the exchange. unfortunately i want WiDi so i can't go over to the HP dv6t quad because it doesn't have it. i have to keep my system as close to $1000 as i can.


i really do think the ultrabay affects how that optical drive unit sits in there.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y500 Issues & Zero help from technical support

It seems like Lenovo's engineering staff really dropped the ball on this device considering all the issues surrounding it.  I wish I had come to the forums prior to making my purchase.  Fortunately, I am within my return window. 

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