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Y500 Power Issue (LED info needed)

Hi, I just received a new motherboard for my Y500. Last one got fried, possibly by liquid damage. I have replaced the motherboard in this laptop once before with no problems.



There is an issue when I connect the motherboard to the AC Adapter WITHOUT battery, the motherboard shows no power LED.  My question is: should there be a power light on with AC connected and no battery in?


With (presumably completely drained) battery and AC Adapter connected, there is no AC Power light and the battery indicator is blinking amber infinitely.

The power on button from the laptop has become unsoldered so I have to get that repaired before I can actually attempt to turn the system on, but no power indicator is a bad sign. I tested the AC Adapter itself and the AC socket with a multimeter and they appear fine.


Pic with the battery light blinking. CPU and RAM are installed. I also tried the board without the cpu installed and switched ram sticks/tried with no ram, same thing happens. The CPU fan never spins up either (though I don't know if it does on the Y500 without actually being turned on by the power switch)


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