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Paper Tape
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Y500 Problem with Gaming...

I have the lenovo y500 with duel nvidia geforce gtx 650m cards which should be pretty gosh darn good for gaming  but i can barely play some games on low settings. for example i only get 20 fps on low for guild wars 2 and i have to turn the resolution down quite a bit for sleeping dogs to play it on low settings efficiantly.

The driver i have installed is Geforce 314.07 which is the latest one and i do have SLI enabled, thanks for any advice ahead of time!

Punch Card
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Re: Y500 Problem with Gaming...

you can visit my topic to read about problems during games which have many y500 users, you can make some actions to check if you have similar issues ?

What's DOS?
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Re: Y500 Problem with Gaming...

did u plug in the adapter
Fanfold Paper
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Re: Y500 Problem with Gaming...

I just got this laptop a couple of days ago and it looks great. I'm having trouble with games too though. I want to play Guild Wars 2, but this barely runs at 20 fps on lowest settings, anything higher is unplayable. I enabled the SLI for the 650s in the Nvidia control panel, because it was previously disabled. Also, I installed the latest Nvidia driver (314.22). I also tried out TERA and the fps on that is quite slow as well. Does anybody know what the issue is? Could it be possible that I just got unlucky and got bad GPUs in my laptop? I really hope this isn't the case... This laptop should be at least smoking these games on medium settings, but it's not for me.

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