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Y500 Strange Audio Issue

Hello forum, I'm posting today to shed some light on a current issue I am having and hoping to get some second opinions on the matter. I apologize foremost for the length of this post but it is necessary to get my situation across. About 2 weeks ago, I purchased and received a Y500 with the dual 650 SLI. I was very satisfied with the laptops performance and everything in general. However, approximately a week after receiving my laptop, I began experiencing sound issues. It began when playing Far Cry 3 when my audio (output to my external speakers via headphone jack) started emitting popping noises. Gradually getting worse each second to become a full blown static fury (clearly doesn't sound proper). During this "spell" the audio would output from my integrated speakers still static ridden for about 2 seconds and then switch back to my headphone output with no audio abnormalities. I noticed that my Realtek manager would pop up saying I unplugged and plugged back in a device as well (of which I physically had not). 


At this moment in time, I believed it was related to corruption with my drivers. Latest drivers and multiple others were installed and uninstalled in attempts to correct this. Removing and re-adding devices in my device manager resulted in no success either. I found that tapping my laptops exterior and shifting the laptop gently occasional provoked the issue even when idle. I do not see how that could ever correlate to software issues.


Now, I already RMA'd my laptop believing it was hardware related and thoroughly explained this issue, and how it does seem sporadic at times. I insisted over and over hardware,hardware,hardware on the RMA fill out and over the phone to customer service reps. My "repaired" laptop will return tomorrow evening. However, I received a write up from the engineer who did the repair and it states all he did was reinstall drivers and cleaned the case Smiley Frustrated . . . 


Basically my main point of posting here is to ask for any suggestions regarding DIY repair at home if the issue persists. This is of course speculation at this point but since I already have tried what the engineer has done, it should be in the same condition (a week+ later I may add). It's not really in my interest to send it back again since it is a large inconvenience on my part. But if all else fails, I will be in contact with Lenovo again. . .

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Re: Y500 Strange Audio Issue

Welcome to the forum!


I assume the audio is good when using just the laptop's internal speakers with no external plugged in.  That the problem occurs when using the external speakers. Based on that, have you tried playing the game using headphones only?  If the audio is good with just the headphones plugged in then I would suspect the external speakers or the cable to those external speakers to be at fault.  If the problem also occurs when the headphones are plugged in then I would suspect the laptop's headphone jack to be at fault.  Try putting some light pressure on the headphone plug from different angles to see if the problem improves. 

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