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Y500: Where is the location of mSATA SSD?


I purchased the ideaPad Y500 without the 16GB SSD cache drive because it wasn't available at the time.


I would like to add the SSD myself and I need to know the location that the SSD would fit into. But I do not know the exact location. Any pointer?


Open the bottom cover to see the SSD location which as showed in below image:




Opening up the PC will not void the warranty; however, do not tamper the fan,etc except SSD, RAM, HDD,ODD.


Be very extra careful as the internal parts are sensitive to static electricity. Use an anti-static wrist trap when replacing sensitive PC components.

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t1mman On 2013-11-18, 14:27 PM

I bought a Y510P and there's no connectors there, how can I add an mSata SSD?

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